This tag is mainly for use in the Equipment and Item categories. It's for listing staff-type items. There are related tags 'rods' and 'maces'.

Ice Staff
Ice Staff DX
Ice Wand
Ifrit's Cane
Jade Crook
Judgment Staff
Judicer's Staff
Jupiter's Staff
Kitty Staff
Kple Kple
Lawson Staff
Light Staff
Lightning Warstaff
Lollipop Staff
Lominsan Cane
Lominsan Radical
Mage's Staff
Magic Wand
Malevolent Mogwand
Maple Cane
Maple Crook
Maple Wand
Mekki Shakki
Monster Signa
Moon Staff
Musk Stick
Mythril Mace
Mythril Staff
Oak Radical
Oak Staff
Oaken Pole
Pastoral Mahogany Cane
Pastoral Oak Cane
Pastoral Yew Cane
Pearlwing Staff
Physician's Staff
Plumed Yew Crook
Pole of Blessings
Power Staff
Protector of Life
Raqs Sharqi
Revenging Staff
Rune Staff
Sage's Cane
Sage's Staff
Sapling Staff
Seraphim Mace
Serpent Lieutenant's Wand
Serpent Private's Cane
Serpent Private's Crook
Serpent Sergeant's Radical
Serpent Staff
Seymour's Staff
Shamanic Staff
Shining Staff
Silver Staff
Somnus Signa
Splintered Cane
Sprouting Rosewood Radical
Staff of Judgement
Staff of Judgment
Staff of Light
Staff of Protection
Staff of Skills
Stardust Staff
Storm Lieutenant's Wand
Storm Private's Cane
Storm Private's Crook
Storm Sergeant's Radical
Storm Staff
Summoner Baton
Sun Staff
Svarog's Staff
Thunder Staff
Thunder Staff DX
Thunder Wand
Trick Staff
Ul'dahn Crook
Ul'dahn Wand
Unfinished Thyrus
Vesper Pole
Vintage Cane
Walnut Cane
Wand of Flames
Wand of Frost
Wand of Gales
Wand of Storms
Wand of Tides
Wand of Tremors
Weathered Cane
Whispering Ash Wand
Whispering Maple Wand

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