This tag is mainly for use in the Equipment and Item categories. It's for listing staff-type items. There are related tags 'rods' and 'maces'.

Aetherial Ash Radical
Aetherial Ash Wand
Aetherial Budding Ash Wand
Aetherial Budding Oak Wand
Aetherial Budding Rosewood Wand
Aetherial Budding Yew Wand
Aetherial Elm Cane
Aetherial Elm Crook
Aetherial Jade Crook
Aetherial Oak Radical
Aetherial Pastoral Mahogany Cane
Aetherial Pastoral Oak Cane
Aetherial Plumed Yew Crook
Aetherial Sprouting Rosewood Radical
Aetherial Walnut Cane
Aetherial Wand of Flames
Aetherial Wand of Frost
Aetherial Wand of Gales
Aetherial Wand of Storms
Aetherial Wand of Tides
Aetherial Wand of Tremors
Aetherial Whispering Ash Wand
Aetherial Yew Crook
Aetherial Yew Radical
Aetherial Yew Wand
Ancient Staff
Angel's Staff
Arcana Staff
Ash Radical
Ash Staff
Ash Wand
Astaroth Cane
Aura Staff
Bent Staff
Binding Rod
Bishop's Crosier
Blizzard Staff
Braska's Staff
Brightwing Staff
Budding Ash Wand
Budding Maple Wand
Budding Oak Wand
Budding Rosewood Wand
Budding Yew Wand
Burning Warstaff
Cane of the Shrine Guardian
Chaos Staff
Charm Wand
Cherry Staff
Chilling Warstaff
Chiran Zabran's Tempest
Chocobo Staff
Clergy Rod
Cloud Staff
Crescent Pole
Crystal Staff
Cursed Crook
Cypress Pole
Dark Staff
Death Staff
Diamond Mace
Dryad Cane
Earth Staff
Earth Wand
Eight-fluted Pole
Elder Staff
Elm Cane
Elm Crook
Fire Staff
Fire Staff DX
Fire Wand
Flame Lieutenant's Wand
Flame Private's Cane
Flame Private's Crook
Flame Sergeant's Radical
Flame Staff
Garuda's Wile
Giantsgall Cane
Glacial Staff
Gokuu Pole
Golden Staff
Golem Staff
Gridanian Cane
Gridanian Crook
Gridanian Radical
Gridanian Wand
Healer's Staff
Healing Staff
Heart of House d'Arlendre
Herding Staff
High Mage Staff
Holy Staff
Holy Wand

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