This tag is mainly for use in the Equipment category, and is used for listing shields.

Aegis Shield
Amalj'aa Pavise Shield
Assault Targe
Aubriest's Allegory
Bladed Lantern Shield
Bronze Buckler
Bronze Hoplon
Bronze Shield
Bull Hoplon
Canopus Shield
Casserole Shield
Chocobo Shield
Circle Shield
Crystal Shield
Cursed Shield
Dark Shield
Decorated Buckler
Decorated Iron Scutum
Demon Shield
Diamond Shield
Dragon Shield
Dread Shield
Eagle-crested Round Shield
Emerald Shield
Ensanguined Shield
Exa Buckler
Fire Aegis
Flame Sergeant's Shield
Flame Sergeant's Targe
Flame Shield
Force Shield
Frost Shield
Genji Shield
Gold Shield
Gridanian Buckler
Gridanian Shield
Gridanian Square Shield
Gridanian Targe
Guardian Targe
Heater Shield
Heavy Shield
Hero's Shield
Holy Shield
Hoplite Shield
Ice Aegis
Ice Shield
Immortal Flames Escutcheon
Iron Hoplon
Iron Scutum
Iron Shield
Ironclad Bronze Buckler
Jazeraint Shield
Kaiser Shield
Kite Shield
Knight Shield
Leather Shield
Leather Targe
Lightning Aegis
Lominsan Kite Shield
Lominsan Lantern Shield
Lustrous Shield
Maelstrom Escutcheon
Makeshift Shield
Mythril Shield
Notched Buckler
Onion Shield
Oval Shield
Paladin's Shield
Pelta Shield
Platinum Shield
Quad Shield
Raptorskin Targe
Reverie Shield
Rotting Round Shield
Round Shield
Rune Shield
Rusting Scutum
Saintly Shield
Scarred Kite Shield
Scorpion Shield
Seeker's Shield
Sentinel's Aegis
Serpent Sergeant's Hoplon
Serpent Sergeant's Targe
Sheepskin Targe
Shell Shield
Shield of the Savage
Shield of Trials
Silver Gloves
Snake Shield
Spiked Shield
Square Ash Shield
Square Maple Shield
Storm Sergeant's Hoplon
Storm Sergeant's Targe
Storm Shield

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