This tag is used in the Equipment and Item categories. It's used for items that are meant to be worn (or 'worn') on a pet or mount of some type.

Ripe Apples
Rum Raisin Ice Cream
Safari Hat
Sahagin Hide Backpack
Sailor's Tricorne
Saint's Beard
Salvage Pilot's Badge
Scholar's Beard
Scholar's Glasses
Scholar's Mortarboard
Scholar's Peaked Hat
Seadog's Beard
Sentimental Parasol
Serah Mask
Servant's Mustache
Shadow Tail
Shogun's Mustache
Shooting Star
Silk Hat
Silver Brooch
Silver Chocobo Chick
Silver Chocobo Figurine
Silver Gear
Silver Medal
Silver Padlock
Silver Psicom Spaulders
Silver Windup Key
Silvered Insignia
Single Horn
Sky Blue Newsboy Cap
Sky Blue NORA Symbol
Sky Blue Silk Hat
Sleipnir Barding
Smiley Glasses
Snakeskin Eyepatch
Snakeskin Hat
Snow Fairy Wings
Snowy Spirit Wings
Sovereign Barding
Staff of Judgement
Staff of Judgment
Starlight Barding
Steamy Glasses
Stormy Monsters Logo
Stormy Motors Logo
Straw Hat
Strawberry Ice Cream
Summery Parasol
Summoner's Mask
Sunny Butterfly
Suspicious Mushroom
Sweet Corsage
Thief's Silk Hat
Thrilling Party Hat
Tiara of the Goddess
Tinkling Bell
Tonberry Figurine
Tonberry's Lantern
Toxic Mushroom
Train Conductor Beret
Train Conductor Hat
Training Pilot's Badge
Tranquil Headdress
Tribal Tattoo
Tropical Tree
Twilight Butterfly
Twilight Shades
Ul'dahn Barding
Ul'dahn Crested Barding
Ul'dahn Half Barding
Ul'dahn Saddle
Unicorn Mart Logo
Untamed Tail
Upper Rank Insignia
Urban Shades
Vacation Hat
Vacationer's Shades
Vanguard Headdress
Violet Cat Ears
Violet Shades
Wagging Tail
Warm Beret
Warning Beacon
Water Spirit Wings
Whimsical Headdress
Whimsy Shades
White Bushy Mustache
White Cat Ears
White Chocobo Chick
White Chocobo Figurine
White Flower
White Guitar
White Mage Barding
White Mage's Hat
White Tree
Wild Bunny Ears
Wild Shades
Wildcat Ears
Wind-up Halo

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