This tag is used in the Equipment and Item categories. It's used for items that are meant to be worn (or 'worn') on a pet or mount of some type.

Long Gui's Shell
Lord's Banner
Lovely Eyepatch
Love-struck Party Hat
Lower Rank Insignia
Lucky Clover
Lunar Circlet
Maiden's Beret
Mark of Etro
Mark of Lindzei
Mark of the L'Cie
Masquerade Mask
Medic Guard's Badge
Merry Tail
Millionaire's Mustache
Mini Flan Figurine
Miniflan Figurine
Mint Chip Ice Cream
Mobile Guard's Badge
Mog Figurine
Mog Mask
Mog's Clock
Monoculus Mask
Moogle Hat
Moogle Wing
Moogle Wings
Moonlight Mask
Musical Bell
Nickel Gear
Noonblue Butterfly
NORA Symbol
Nymph Wings
Ocean Shades
Odin's Horn
Onion Knight's Helm
Orange Beacon
Orange Bow Tie
Orange Butterfly
Orange Newsboy Cap
Orange Pilot's Badge
Order of Salvation Cap
Painter's Beret
Paladin Barding
Party Hat
Passionate Corsage
Perky Corsage
Pet Armor
Pilot's Badge
Pink Flower
Pink Moogle Bobble
Pink Newsboy Cap
Pink Party Hat
Pink Ribbon
Pink Rucksack
Pink Tattoo
Pink-Rimmed Glasses
Pioneer's Eyepatch
Playboy Shades
Politician's Beard
Prophetic Headdress
Pro's Beret
PSICOM Air Medal
Psicom Lapel Pin
PSICOM Medic Medal
PSICOM Mobile Medal
PSICOM Officer Epaulets
Psicom Officer Pin
Pumpkin Head
Pure Angel Ears
Pure Earrings
Pure Pendant
Purple Chocobo Chick
Purple Chocobo Figurine
Purple Flower
Queen's Mask
Railworker's Beret
Railworker's Cap
Rangda Crest
Raven Mask
Red Beacon
Red Bow Tie
Red Chocobo Chick
Red Chocobo Figurine
Red Commando Badge
Red Mage's Chapeau
Red Propeller
Red Psicom Spaulders
Red Silk Hat
Reflective Shades
Regent's Mustache
Replica Pilot's Badge
Replica PSICOM Emblem
Replica PSICOM Epaulets
Retro Lightning Mask
Retro Mog Mask
Retro Scopes
Retro Serah Mask
Ripe Apple

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