This tag is used in the Equipment and Item categories. It's used for items that are meant to be worn (or 'worn') on a pet or mount of some type.

Cute Bunny Ears
Cute Cactuar Figurine
Cute Heart
Cyber Scanners
Dajh's Patch
Dandy's Mustache
Dapper Hat
Dark Devil Ears
Dark Knight's Shades
Dazzling Devil Ears
Deathless Mask
Delicious Mushroom
Dogtooth Beret
Dragon Hide Backpack
Dragoon Barding
Dreamy Shades
Dull Grudge Knife
Dusk Feather Hairpin
Dusk Feather Pin
Egotist's Banner
Electric Guitar
Elegant Shades
Emergency Beacon
Enticing Bunny Ears
Exotic Shades
Fairy Tail
Fairy Wings
Festive Tree
Floppy Sun Hat
Flower Pattern
Fluffy Tail
Formal Silk Hat
Fragment Crystal
Frost Tree
Frosty Glasses
Frying Pan
Fuzzy Sheep Figurine
Gadot's Black Emblem
Gadot's Blue Emblem
Gadot's Red Emblem
Gentleman's Beard
Girlish Glasses
Glam Hat
Gold Anchor
Gold Brooch
Gold Chocobo Chick
Gold Chocobo Figurine
Gold Gear
Gold Medal
Gold Padlock
Gold Shades
Gold Windup Key
Golden Flower
Golden Insignia
Golden Mask
Green Glasses
Green NORA Symbol
Green Pilot's Badge
Green Psicom Spaulders
Green Straw Hat
Gridanian Barding
Gridanian Crested Barding
Gridanian Half Barding
Gridanian Saddle
Grudge Knife
Guardian Corps Badge
Guard's Cap
Guard's Medic Badge
Guard's Ravager Badge
Harbor Herald - My Little Chocobo Makeover?
Headdress of Courage
Heart Glasses
Heaven's Banner
Herald's Banner
Hermit's Cap
Herringbone Beret
Holy Circlet
Honored Circlet
Hotblooded Tricorne
Imp Tail
Killer Shades
Lady's Brooch
Lady's Silk Hat
Leather Rucksack
Lebreau's Black Tattoo
Lebreau's Green Tattoo
Lebreau's Olive Tattoo
Lebreau's Rainbow Tattoo
Lebreau's Violet Tattoo
Leopard Tail
Leyak Crest
Light Bulb
Lightning Mask
Lightning's Shades
Lominsan Barding
Lominsan Crested Barding
Lominsan Half Barding
Lominsan Saddle
Long Gui Backpack

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