This tag is used in the Equipment and Item categories. It's used for items that are meant to be worn (or 'worn') on a pet or mount of some type.

Academic's Hat
Adamantoise Shell
Adult Bunny Ears
Aerial Guard's Badge
Afro & Black Chick
Afro & Blue Chick
Afro & Gold Chick
Afro & Purple Chick
Afro & Red Chick
Afro & Silver Chick
Afro & White Chick
Afro & Yellow Chick
Angelic Glasses
Aqua Fairy Wings
Aqua Ribbon
Balmy Shades
Behemoth Barding
Behemoth Crest
Black Cat Ears
Black Chocobo Chick
Black Chocobo Figurine
Black Mage Barding
Black Mage's Hood
Black Tattoo
Black-Rimmed Glasses
Blue Beacon
Blue Butterfly
Blue Chocobo Chick
Blue Chocobo Figurine
Blue Feather Hairpin
Blue Feather Pin
Blue Flower
Blue Guitar
Blue Mage's Chapeau
Blue Moogle Bobble
Blue Newsboy Cap
Blue Party Hat
Blue Pilot's Badge
Blue Propeller
Blue Psicom Spaulders
Boater Hat
Bow of Aestheticism
Brass Gear
Brave Circlet
Brigand's Tricorne
Bronze Medal
Brown Bushy Mustache
Bubbly Party Hat
Bunny Ears
Bushy Mustache
Business Eyewear
Cactuar Figurine
Caius's Sword
Canned Coyo Logo
Canned PuPu Logo
Canned Sheep Logo
Carbuncle Figurine
Carnival Mask
Caution Beacon
Cautious Devil Ears
Celebrity's Charm
Ceremonial Headdress
Chef's Hat
Chocobo Chick
Chocobo Feather Hairpin
Chocobo Feather Pin
Chocobo Figurine
Chocobo Girl's Cap
Cie'th Wing
Cie'th Wings
City Shades
Commissioned Pilot's Badge
Cool Glasses
Cowboy Hat
Craftsman's Beard
Crest of Etro
Crest of Pulse
Crimson Flower
Crimson Mask
Crown of Purity
Crown of Light
Crown of Passion
Crown of Splendor
Crown of Youth
Crystal Apple
Crystal Feather
Crystal Heart
Crystal Petal
Crystal Rose
Crystal Star
Crystal Tear

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