This tag is mainly for use in the Item category, and is for listing all kinds of weapon and armor parts. These should be listed under materials.

Astrolabe Clinometer
Avenger Grips
Baknamy Lens
Bloody Bardiche Head
Bloody Lance Head
Brass Gear
Brass Rings
Broken Blade
Bronze Rings
Bronze Rivets
Charged Gizzard
Charger Barding
Clear Glass Lens
Clock Gear
Cobalt Rings
Cobalt Rivets
Copper Rings
Darksteel Breastplate
Darksteel Couters
Darksteel Gauntlet Plates
Darksteel Rivets
Digital Circuit
Dream Boots Materials
Dream Hat Materials
Dream Tunic Materials
Electrum Rings
Faerie L Barrel
Flawless Astrolabe Clinometer
Flawless Avenger Grips
Flawless Darksteel Breastplate
Flawless Darksteel Couters
Flawless Darksteel Gauntlet Plates
Flawless Gryphonskin Elbow Pads
Flawless Gryphonskin Knee Pads
Flawless Gryphonskin Shin Guards
Flawless Gryphonskin Shoulder Guards
Flawless Mailbreaker Blade
Flawless Obelisk Head
Flawless Rampager Head
Flawless Rose Gold Clasps
Flawless Suspended Trillium Flower
Flawless Vanya Silk Crakow Lining
Flawless Vanya Silk Glove Lining
Flawless Vanya Silk Hat Lining
Flawless Vanya Silk Robe Lining
Gale S Barrel
Garlean Steel Joint
Gryphonskin Elbow Pads
Gryphonskin Knee Pads
Gryphonskin Shin Guards
Gryphonskin Shoulder Guards
Guard N Barrel
Gun Gear
Helical Nails
Huge Plate's Shard
Iron Rings
Iron Rivets
Kabuto Mask
Left Manipulator
Long Barrel
Long Barrel II
Long Barrel III
Long Barrel β
Long Barrel γ
Lucky S Barrel
Mailbreaker Blade
Master N Barrel
Moon Ring
Mythril Rings
Mythril Rivets
Nickel Gear
Normal Barrel
Normal Barrel II
Normal Barrel III
Normal Barrel β
Normal Barrel γ
Nova L Barrel
Obelisk Head
Quality Parts
Rampager Head
Right Manipulator
Ring Nails
Rose Gold Clasps
Round Nails
Sarnga Limb
Short Barrel
Short Barrel II
Short Barrel III
Short Barrel β
Short Barrel γ
Silver Rings
Steel Rings
Steel Rivets
Suspended Trillium Flower
Vanya Silk Crakow Lining
Vanya Silk Glove Lining
Vanya Silk Hat Lining
Vanya Silk Robe Lining

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