This tag is for listing items that are not consumables, currency, key items, equipment of any kind or materials. They are listed in this category instead.

Academia Wisdom
Academic Rank - Monster Professor
Academic Rank - Paradox Professor
Adamantite Ring
Aloeidai Fragment
Amber Crystal
Amethyst and Luvulite Fragment
Amur's Sphere
Anima Miseria
Ars Symphonica
Astonishing Limestone
Atlas Fragment
Azure Crystal
Baxter's Last Light
Beloved Cinnamon
Bhunivelze's Sleep
Bittersweet Chiffon
Black Hole Gem
Blitz Squadron Mission Report
Book of Avalon
Book of Shambala
Book of Valhalla
Bubbly Stone
Cartesian Board
Chaos Brand
Chaos Crystal
Chocochick Down
Control Device Password 1
Control Device Password 2
Cosmo Aura
Crimson Crystal
Delicate Crystal
Dewy Bloodstone
Difference Engine
Dishonest Mille-feuille
Enigma Codex
Entropy Board
Epicurean Song
Etro's Sorrow
Extraordinary Egg
Falcon's Compass
Falcon's Last Light
Fang's Crown
Farewell Madeleine
Father's Song
Forest Crystal
Fragment of Invincibility
Fragments of FFXIII-2
Gerhilde's Blossom
Ghast Fragment
Giant Egg
Goblin Fragment
Gogmagog Fragment Alpha
Gogmagog Fragment Beta
Gogmagog Fragment Gamma
Gorgyra Fragment
Graviton Core Alpha
Graviton Core Beta
Graviton Core Delta
Graviton Core Epsilon
Graviton Core Eta
Graviton Core Gamma
Graviton Core Zeta
Heart Prism
Helmwige's Nightshade
Hope's Message
Idea Circuit
Innocence's Sacred Sphere
Iridium Ring
Kalavinka Fragment
Lapis Lazuli
Laplacian Board
Lindzei's Desire
Long Gui Fragment
Lovely Starstone
Lucky Coin
Lyceum Knowledge
Miniflan Fragment
Mirror of Atropos
Misery's Bead
Mossy Rosetta Stone
Mutantomato Fragment
Mwynn's Tenderness
Mythril Ring
Noel's Message
Ochu Fragment
Omega Brand
Orb of Clotho
Ortlinde's Bloom
Osmium Ring
Other Items
Palladium Ring
Paradox Scope
Pathos Jewel
Pink Parfait
Platinum Ring
Priceless Gift

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