This tag is mainly for the Equipment category, and is meant for collars, gorgets and the like.

Agales's Chain
Agrippa's Choker
Amber Choker
Amethyst Choker
Aquamarine Choker
Avowed Necklace
Band of Eternal Passion
Bandit Scarf
Black Pearl Choker
Blood-stained Necklace
Boarskin Choker
Brass Choker
Brass Gorget
Cat's Bell
Copper Choker
Copper Gorget
Coral Necklace
Corsair Scarf
Cross Choker
Cruel Necklace
Crystal Matinee Necklace
Danburite Choker
Devil's Rosary
Diamond Matinee Necklace
Dodoskin Choker
Dragoon Scarf
Electrum Choker
Electrum Gorget
Explorer's Choker
Fang Necklace
Faufnir's Tear
Flame Sergeant's Choker
Flamebane Choker
Flameshield Choker
Fluorite Choker
Frostbane Choker
Frostshield Choker
Garnet Choker
General's Tie
Gold Necklace
Goshenite Choker
Guardian's Torque
Guard's Cravat
Heliodor Choker
Hope's Scarf
Horn Necklace
Imperial Guard's Cravat
Imperial Operative Choker
Jade Collar
Lapis Lazuli Choker
Leather Choker
Leather Gorget
Legendary Scarf
Locket Necklace
Locket Pendant
Luca's Necklace
Mage's Choker
Malachite Choker
Militia Choker
Militia Gorget
Million Choker
Mythril Choker
Mythril Gorget
Noble's Collar
Obsidian Choker
Orange Bow Tie
Orichalc Matinee Necklace
Osseous Torque
Paramour's Pendant
Patriot's Choker
Pearl Choker
Pearl Necklace
Peridot Choker
Pirate Scarf
Platinum Paramour's Pendant
Promised Necklace
Raptorskin Choker
Red Bow Tie
Rood Necklace
Rubellite Choker
Serpent Sergeant's Choker
Sheepskin Choker
Silk Scarf
Silver Choker
Silver Gorget
Sky Pirate's Scarf
Snow's Necklace
Soldier's Tie
Sparkbane Choker
Sparkshield Choker
Sphene Choker
Spinel Choker
Steel Gorget
Stonewall Choker
Storm Sergeant's Choker
Stormbane Choker
Stormshield Choker

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