This tag is for use in the Item category. It lists all kinds items that were once a part of a monster.

Abominable Fang
Abominable Wing
Abyssal Scale
Adamantoise Shell
Aged Turtle Shell
Ahriman Eye
Aloeidai Fragment
Alraune Drill
Amethyst and Luvulite Fragment
Ancient Turtle Shell
Atlas Fragment
Bat Fang
Bat Tail
Begrimed Claw
Behemoth Crest
Behemoth Fang
Black Tail
Blue Landtrap Leaf
Blue Tail
Blue Yarzon Leg
Bomb Crank
Bomb Fragment
Bomb Shell
Bulette Carapace
Bundle of Needles
Cerberus's Fang
Chimera Head
Chimera's Horn
Cie'th Tear
Cie'th Wing
Cockatrice Scale
Coeurl's Whisker
Demon Claw
Demon Eyeball
Demon Tail
Destrier Mane
Dorsal Fin
Dragon Blood
Dragon Fang
Dragon Heart
Dragon Whisker
Eye of the Hawk
Faufnir's Tear
Fiendish Wing
Fiend's Claw
Fractured Horn
Fragment of Invincibility
Ghast Fragment
Ghost Hand
Gimble Stalk
Goblin Fragment
Gogmagog Fragment Alpha
Gogmagog Fragment Beta
Gogmagog Fragment Gamma
Gorgyra Fragment
Green Megalocrab Shell
Green Tail
Griffin's Wing
Hawksbill Shell
Iron Carapace
Iron Shell
Kalavinka Fragment
Lamia Scale
Leyak Crest
Lilith's Kiss
Long Gui Fragment
Long Gui's Shell
Luminous Horn
Malboro Flower
Malboro Fruit
Malboro Vine
Miniflan Fragment
Moistened Scale
Molted Tail
Monstrous Fang
Mutantomato Fragment
Ochu Fragment
Phoenix Blood
Phoenix Down
Pink Tail
Proto Fal'Cie Adam Fragment
Rabbit's Tail
Rangda Crest
Rat Tail
Red Tail
Scaled Wing
Segmented Carapace
Serpent Eye
Serpentwyne Musk
Sinister Fang
Spined Horn
Tear of Remorse
Tear of Woe
Throat Wolf Blood
Turtle Shell
Twilight Fragment Alpha

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