This tag is mainly for the Item category, and is used to list all types of keys. This includes more modern ones such as cardkeys and passwords.

Access Key 13
Access Key 50
Access Key 52
Ageworn Key
Barheim Key
Baron Key
Basement Key
Brass Natalan Coffer Key
Brass Shposhae Coffer Key
Brass U'Ghamaro Coffer Key
Brass Zahar'ak Coffer Key
Broken Key
Bronze Key
Bronze Shposhae Coffer Key
Bronze U'Ghamaro Coffer Key
Canal Key
Chain Key
Chest Key
Control Device Password 1
Control Device Password 2
Copper Castrum Coffer Key
Copper Natalan Coffer Key
Copper Shposhae Coffer Key
Copper U'Ghamaro Coffer Key
Copper Zahar'ak Coffer Key
Crescent Stone
Crimson Key
Crystal Key
Dungeon Key
Earth Key
Electrum Shposhae Coffer Key
Eureka Key
First Tablet
Fourth Tablet
Goddess's Bell
Gold Castrum Coffer Key
Gold Key
Gold Natalan Coffer
Gold Shposhae Coffer Key
Gold U'Ghamaro Coffer Key
Gold Zahar'ak Coffer Key
Gridanian Aetherpass
Helje Key
Holding Cell Key
Iron Key
Key to Sector 5
Key to the Ancients
Keycard 60
Keycard 62
Keycard 65
Keycard 66
Keycard 68
Lab Access Card
Leaving Gate Seal
Lente's Tear
Lominsan Aetherpass
Luca's Necklace
Lugae Key
Magic Key
Mako Reactor Key
Mark of Shella
Member's Card
Member's Writ
Mythril Natalan Coffer Key
Mythril Shposhae Coffer Key
No 1 Brig Key
Platinum Key
Prediction Gate Seal
Rood Inverse
Rose Gold Shposhae Coffer Key
Second Tablet
Silver Castrum Coffer Key
Silver Key
Silver Natalan Coffer Key
Silver Shposhae Coffer Key
Silver U'Ghamaro Coffer Key
Silver Zahar'ak Coffer Key
Site 11 Key
Site 3 Key
Sluice Gate Key
Soul Ward Key
Steel Key
Steel Natalan Coffer Key
Steel Shposhae Coffer Key
Supply Sphere Access Code
Syrcus Key
System Access Key
Third Tablet
Top Floor Access Key
Ul'dahn Aetherpass
Writ of Transit

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