This tag is for use within the Equipment and Item categories. It lists all hats, whatever type of hat they may be.

Acacia Hat
Academic's Hat
Adamant Hat
Angler's Hat
Arbiter's Crown
Astrakhan Hat
Black Cowl
Black Mage's Hood
Blitz Head
Blue Mage's Chapeau
Blue Newsboy Cap
Blue Party Hat
Boater Hat
Brigand's Tricorne
Bubbly Party Hat
Buccaneer's Tricorne
Calot Hat
Carpenter's Hood
Chef's Hat
Chocobo Girl's Cap
Choral Chapeau
Cotton Cap
Cotton Sugarloaf Hat
Cowboy Hat
Cowboy Hat
Culinarian's Hat
Dapper Hat
Dark Hat
Divining Hat
Dodoskin Skullcap
Dogtooth Beret
Dream Hat
Esthar Headgear
Explorer's Calot
Feathered Hat
Felt Beret
Felt Cavalier's Hat
Felt Hat
Flame Sergeant's Beret
Floppy Sun Hat
Formal Silk Hat
Gaia Hat
Gigas Hat
Glam Hat
Goldsmith's Turban
Green Beret
Green Straw Hat
Gridanian Officer's Cap
Gridanian Soldier's Cap
Grimoire Hat
Guard's Cap
Hamlet Cutter's Hat
Hamlet Puller's Hat
Harlequin's Cap
Hermit's Cap
Herringbone Beret
Horned Hat
Hotblooded Tricorne
Imperial Operative Hat
Imperial Operative Tricorne
Lady's Silk Hat
Lambent Hat
Leather Cap
Leather Hat
Leatherworker's Hat
Linen Deerstalker
Linen Hat
Linen Wedge Cap
Lominsan Officer's Cap
Lominsan Soldier's Cap
Love-struck Party Hat
Mage's Hat
Magus Hat
Maiden's Beret
Militia Hat
Moldering Jester's Cap
Moogle Hat
Officer's Hat
Orange Newsboy Cap
Order of Salvation Cap
Painter's Beret
Party Hat
Pink Newsboy Cap
Pink Party Hat
Pirate Hat
Plundered Cavalier's Hat
Poacher's Hat
Pointy Hat
Priest's Miter
Pro's Beret
Pumpkin Head
Railworker's Beret
Railworker's Cap
Rainmaker's Hat
Ranger's Hat
Red Cap
Red Mage's Chapeau

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