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Looming Tonberry Screen
Lord of Levin Lamp
Lotus Parasol
Low Barrel Planter
Maelstrom Banner
Mahogany Bed
Mahogany Screen
Mandragora Floor Lamp
Manor Bookshelf
Manor Candelabra
Manor Cello
Manor Couch
Manor Cupboard
Manor Desk
Manor Fireplace
Manor Flower Stand
Manor Harp
Manor Harpsichord
Manor Highback Chair
Manor Marching Horn
Manor Music Stand
Manor Music Stool
Manor Stool
Manor Table
Manor Timpani
Manor Wardrobe
Maple Table
Marble Fountain
Metal Interior Wall
Millionaire Desk
Miniature Aetheryte
Miniature Magitek Reaper
Moogle Interior Wall
Moogle Letter Box
Moogle Rug
Moonfire Lantern
Morbol Bookshelf
Morbol Chair
Morbol Chandelier
Morbol Rug
Morbol Screen
Mosaic Interior Wall
Mossy Rock
Mythril Table
Noble's Bed
Nymian Wall Lantern
Oak Bed
Oak Table
Oaken Bench
Oasis Arched Door
Oasis Argyle Rug
Oasis Armchair
Oasis Awning
Oasis Banner
Oasis Bathtub
Oasis Bed
Oasis Bench
Oasis Bookshelf
Oasis Chair
Oasis Chandelier
Oasis Classical Door
Oasis Cottage Roof
Oasis Cottage Wall
Oasis Couch
Oasis Counter
Oasis Crowned Door
Oasis Cupboard
Oasis Cushion
Oasis Desk
Oasis Dining Table
Oasis Fence
Oasis Floor Lamp
Oasis Flora Interior Wall
Oasis Flower Vase
Oasis Hanging Placard
Oasis House Roof
Oasis House Wall
Oasis Interior Wall
Oasis Lancet Window
Oasis Lantern
Oasis Leaf Rug
Oasis Mansion Roof
Oasis Mansion Wall
Oasis Oblong Window
Oasis Octagonal Window
Oasis Ornate Fence
Oasis Partition
Oasis Pendant Lamp
Oasis Pillar
Oasis Placard
Oasis Round Table
Oasis Rounded Chimney
Oasis Rug
Oasis Stall
Oasis Stone Chimney
Oasis Stone Wall
Oasis Striking Dummy
Oasis Table
Oasis Wall Chimney
Oasis Wardrobe

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