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Eorzean Map Table
Ephemeral Flowerbed
Evil Puppet Show
Flame Armoire
Flame Ceiling Fan & Lamp
Flame Desk
Flame Interior Wall
Flame Storage Bench
Flame Strongbox
Flame Utility Cot
Galleas Wheel
Garden Pond
Gargoyle Sculpture
Glade Arched Door
Glade Armchair
Glade Awning
Glade Banner
Glade Bathtub
Glade Bed
Glade Bench
Glade Blossom Rug
Glade Bookshelf
Glade Cartonnier
Glade Chair
Glade Chandelier
Glade Classical Door
Glade Classical Window
Glade Cobblestone Wall
Glade Cottage Roof
Glade Cottage Wall
Glade Couch
Glade Counter
Glade Cupboard
Glade Cushion
Glade Desk
Glade Dining Table
Glade Drawer Table
Glade Floor Lamp
Glade Flora Interior Wall
Glade Flower Vase
Glade Fringed Rug
Glade Hanging Placard
Glade Hedgewall
Glade House Roof
Glade House Wall
Glade Interior Wall
Glade Lancet Door
Glade Lancet Window
Glade Lantern
Glade Mansion Roof
Glade Mansion Wall
Glade Partition
Glade Pendant Lamp
Glade Pillar
Glade Placard
Glade Round Table
Glade Rounded Chimney
Glade Rounded Window
Glade Roundpole Fence
Glade Rug
Glade Sideboard
Glade Stall
Glade Striking Dummy
Glade Table
Glade Thatch Chimney
Glade Thatch Wall
Glade Tiled Awning
Glade Wall Chimney
Glade Wall Chronometer
Glade Wardrobe
Gleaming Fountain
Gold Crest
Goldsmithing Bench
Goobbue Rug
Gridanian Cityscape
Half Barrel Planter
Haste Clock
Illumination Module
Immortal Flames Banner
Inferno Wall Lamp
Ink & Quill
Iron Ball
Island Palm
Ixali Banner
Ixali Shelter
Knight Captain's Chair
Knight Captain's Desk
Kobold Furnace
Lalafellin Step Stool
Lattice Planter
Leatherworking Bench
Linen Parasol
Llymlaen's Embrace
Lominsan Cityscape

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