This tag is for listing any and all types of festivals and pages related to them. Might be used in Encyclopedia and Guides specifically. Note that this tag is a sub-tag of 'events', it should be present as well in the Encyclopedia-category pages.

A Backstage Romance
A Feast for the Soul
A Harrowing Harvest Reunion
A Hitsuji for Heavensturn!
A Love to Transcend Time
All Saints' Wake 2015
All Saints' Wake 2016
Amorous Affectations
An Egg Hunter is Hatched
An Orchestrion Delight
Beat the Heat with Sunbreeze Festival!
Behind the Bats
Beneath the Cherry Tree
Bickering Beauties
Celestial Nights
Celestial Nights - Faithfulness Under Fire
Celestial Nights - Love Lights the World
Celestial Nights (2007)
Child's Play
Confectionary Capers
Doll Festival
Don't Judge a Galka by His Fur
Egg Hunt Egg-stravaganza
Eggstra! Eggstra! Read All About It!
Ein Fantastisches Sunbreeze Festival Exclusive
Extra III Hot Night in the City
Extra V Harvest of Fear
Fantastic Fraulein Mumor - Performers from Another Land
Fantastic Fraulein Mumor ♥ Superheroine Stage Show
Fantastic Fraulein Mumor 2 ♥ Superheroine Stage Show
Fantastic Fraulein Mumor Graces the Sunbreeze Festival
Far Eastern Honor
Feast of Swords
Feast of Swords (2007)
Feast of Swords (2008)
Feast of Swords Draws Nigh!
Festival of the Hunt
Festival of the Stars
Frauleins a-Frolic in the Summer Breeze
From Ugly to Outstanding
Galloping into the New Year!
Happy New Year 2011!
Harbor Herald - Bombard Backlash
Harbor Herald - Feverous Festival Revived
Harbor Herald - From Ishgard With Love
Harbor Herald - Moonfire Faire, Special Edition
Harbor Herald - The Bonds of Love
Harvest Festival
Hatching-tide 2015
Hatching-tide 2016
Jemimi's Mission - Impossible-Wossible
Little Ladies' Day
Little Ladies' Day 2016
Mo' Moogles, Mo' Problems
Moonfire Faire 2015
Moonfire Faire 2016
Muscular Monk Faces Fears Before Bitter Buffalo
Musings of a Malcontent Samurai
Mythril Eye - All Saints' Wake Special Edition
Mythril Eye - Foundation Day Returneth!
Mythril Eye - Little Ladies' Day Exclusive
Mythril Eye - Out on the Town
Mythril Eye - Starlight Celebration Special Edition!
New Year's Greetings!
No 12 A Monster of a Festival
No 14 Starlight Memories
No 15 A Season for Love
No 2 Starlight, Smilebright
No 4 The Night Before Valentione's Day
No 5 Don't Put Your Eggs in One Basket
No 5 Remarkable Rice Cakes
No 7 Eastern Armor Out of Control!
One Wish
Petal in the Breeze
Pitter-Pattering from Love
Rated 'M' for Moogle
Raven - Adventurers Scramble for Eggs
Raven - All Saints' Wake Returns to Eorzea
Raven - Heavensturn Newsflash
Raven - Scrambled Eggs
Raven - Shell-shocked
Rest Ashored, Love is in the Garden!
Ringing in the New Year
Seasonal Events
Slithering into the New Year!
Spirit of the Samurai
Starlight Celebration
Starlight Celebration
Starlight Celebration (2007)
Starlight Smiles for One and All!
Stew Spiced with a Smile
Sunbreeze Festival
Sunbreeze Festival (2007)
Tales from the Cryptaru
The Dark Lilies (Volume 1)
The Dark Lilies (Volume 2)
The Dark Lilies (Volume 3)
The Doll Festival (2006)

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