This tag is used for all pages concerning crafting, in for example the Activity, Guides, Quests and Encyclopedia categories. Note that the tag for people who do the crafting is 'crafters'.

Alchemist (FF14)
Alchemy Furnace
Alchemy Recipes (XIV) 1-10
Alchemy Recipes (XIV) 11-20
Alchemy Recipes (XIV) 21-30
Alchemy Recipes (XIV) 31-40
Alchemy Recipes (XIV) 41-50
Alchemy Recipes (XIV) 51-60
Aletap Rumors
Armorcraft Recipes (XIV) 1-10
Armorcraft Recipes (XIV) 11-20
Armorcraft Recipes (XIV) 21-30
Armorcraft Recipes (XIV) 31-40
Armorcraft Recipes (XIV) 41-50
Armorcraft Recipes (XIV) 51-60
Armorer (FF14)
Bazaar of Grimoire of the Rift
Blacksmith (FF14)
Blacksmithing Recipes (XIV) 1-10
Blacksmithing Recipes (XIV) 11-20
Blacksmithing Recipes (XIV) 21-30
Blacksmithing Recipes (XIV) 31-40
Blacksmithing Recipes (XIV) 41-50
Blacksmithing Recipes (XIV) 51-60
Carpenter (FF14)
Carpentry Recipes (XIV) 1-10
Carpentry Recipes (XIV) 11-20
Carpentry Recipes (XIV) 21-30
Carpentry Recipes (XIV) 31-40
Carpentry Recipes (XIV) 41-50
Carpentry Recipes (XIV) 51-60
Crafting in Crystal Bearers
Crafting in FFXI
Crafting in FFXIV
Crafting Scrolls in Crystal Chronicles
Crafting Scrolls in Echoes of Time
Culinarian (FF14)
Culinary Recipes (XIV) 1-10
Culinary Recipes (XIV) 11-20
Culinary Recipes (XIV) 21-30
Culinary Recipes (XIV) 31-40
Culinary Recipes (XIV) 41-50
Culinary Recipes (XIV) 51-60
Frondale's Phrontistery
Garlond Ironworks
Goldsmith (FF14)
Goldsmithing Recipes (XIV) 1-10
Goldsmithing Recipes (XIV) 11-20
Goldsmithing Recipes (XIV) 21-30
Goldsmithing Recipes (XIV) 31-40
Goldsmithing Recipes (XIV) 41-50
Goldsmithing Recipes (XIV) 51-60
Leathercraft Recipes (XIV) 1-10
Leathercraft Recipes (XIV) 11-20
Leathercraft Recipes (XIV) 21-30
Leathercraft Recipes (XIV) 31-40
Leathercraft Recipes (XIV) 41-50
Leathercraft Recipes (XIV) 51-60
Leatherworker (FF14)
Materia - A Matter of Mystery
No 10 Crafting a Living
No 11 Crafting a Living
No 13 Crafting a Living
No 14 Crafting a Living
No 15 Crafting a Living
No 16 Crafting a Living
No 3 The Wondrous World of Cooking
No 8 Crafting a Living
No 9 Crafting a Living
Vol 19 The Endless Road
Vol 20 Hidden Flavours
Vol 26 A Crafter's Undying Passion
Weaver (FF14)
Weaving Recipes (XIV) 1-10
Weaving Recipes (XIV) 11-20
Weaving Recipes (XIV) 21-30
Weaving Recipes (XIV) 31-40
Weaving Recipes (XIV) 41-50
Weaving Recipes (XIV) 51-60

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