This tag is used within the Equipment and Item categories to list various charms and charm-type items.

Amulet of Warding
Angel's Brooch
Arbiter's Talisman
Auric Amulet
Bloody Medallion
Blue Misanga
Bookmark of Recollection
Celebrity's Charm
Cerberus Relief
Cerberus Relief β
Cerberus Relief γ
Charging Chaplet
Charm of Speed
Charm of Wisdom
Commander's Plume
Corundum Pin
Cup of Luck
Death Idol
Demon Claw
Early-blooming Corsage
Earth Element
Falcon Charm
Falcon Ornament
Fang Charm
Final Aeon Badge
Fire Element
Five Tigers Horseshoe
Forsaken Tie
Four-Deity Plate
Gaia Amulet
Golden Amulet
Guardian Amulet
Heart of the Paladin
Hero's Amulet
Highwind Charm
Inferno Seal
Inferno Totem
Kupo Nut Charm
Lady's Brooch
Lente's Tear
Leviathan Scales
Light Curtain (Equip)
Lightning Cross
Lion's Heart
Magic Tag
Mane of a Red Donkey
Memento of a Witch
Million Charm
Million Vital
Molulu's Charm
Moogle Charm
Mythril Brooch
Nacre Cameo
Necrophobia's Protector
Oschon's Finger
Pheasant Netsuke
Power Cross
Power Cross β
Power Cross γ
Rabbit Tail
Rose Corsage
Royal Amulet
Sage's Prayer
Saint's Amulet
Sand Pearl (Equipment)
Scarab Charm
Serenity Sachet
Silver Dragon's Feather
Snow of Red Noses
Snow of White Whiskers
Soulfont Talisman
Strahl Charm
Strongarm Blessing
Swift Ornament
Talisman of Speed
Talisman of Wisdom
Taotie Motif
Terra's Pendant
Testimony of Beastly Ore
Testimony of Evil Ore
Testimony of Gold Sands
Testimony of Hot Sands
Tetra Elemental
Thorn of Aggression
Thorn of Courage
Thorn of Protection
Thorn of Speed
Thorn of Warding
Thorn of Will
Token of Courage
Token of Hope

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