This tag is used for all kinds of books, both in the real world as well as within FFs. It can be found within the Merchandise, Encyclopedia, Item and Equipment categories.

Papyrus Codex
Papyrus Codex
Perpetual Engine Theory
Pilika's Diary
Primary Principles
Prototype Midan Metal Codex
Prototype Midan Metal Grimoire
Pupil's Book of Brass
Pupil's Book of Mythril
Pupil's Book of Silver
Pupil's Leather Grimoire
Raimdelle Codex
Replica Draconomicon
Replica Tetrabiblos
Royal Nymian Marine Codex
Royal Nymian Marine Grimoire
Runba's Tale
Sage's Monograph
Scholar's Monograph
Scripture of Time
Scriptures of Balrahn
Scriptures of Germonique
Scriptures of Germonique (Item)
Sealed Tome
Secondary Principles
Secret Books
Serpent Elite's Codex
Serpent Elite's Grimoire
Serpent Private's Grimoire
Serpent Private's Picatrix
Serpent Sergeant's Book of Bronze
Service Manual
Seven Faces of Moffin
Shire Codex
Shire Grimoire
Song of the Sephirot
Sophic Song
Sophic Word
Soul of a Hero
Starter Manual
Stiltzkin's Journal
Storm Elite's Codex
Storm Elite's Grimoire
Storm Private's Grimoire
Storm Private's Picatrix
Storm Sergeant's Book of Iron
Sword of Protection 1
Sword of Protection 2
Sword of Protection 3
Tempered in Ice
Ten Timeless Tales of Tradition
The After Years Novelization
The Black Pullet
The Canon
The Chronicles
The Divine Chronicles
The Eternal Bond
The Five Ages
The Five Ages
The Greater Key of Titan
The Greater Key of Tremors
The Hero Gaol
The Hero Gaol
The Holy Key of Titan
The Holy Key of Tremors
The Kids Are Alright
The Law of Levin
The Law of Levin First Edition
The Oath of Stars
The Pride of Knights 1
The Red Pullet
The Sealed Tome
The Wind of Prayer
The Wings Take Me Far Away
Tidal Wave Codex
Tidal Wave Grimoire
Tifa - Chapter 1
Tifa - Chapter 2
Tifa - Chapter 3
Tifa - Chapter 4
Tiger's Tactics
Tome of Fire
Tome of Ice
Tome of Light
Tome of Ultima
Travel Guide - A Dying World
Travel Guide - Academia
Travel Guide - Archylte Steppe
Travel Guide - Augusta Tower
Travel Guide - Bresha Ruins
Travel Guide - New Bodhum
Travel Guide - Oerba
Travel Guide - Sunleth Waterscape
Travel Guide - Vile Peaks
Travel Guide - Yaschas Massif
True Codex of Ice

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