This tag is used for all kinds of books, both in the real world as well as within FFs. It can be found within the Merchandise, Encyclopedia, Item and Equipment categories.

Gordian Codex
Gordian Grimoire
Grand Grimoire
Gridanian Grimoire
Gridanian Officer's Grimoire
Gridanian Picatrix
Grimoire Aidhed
Grimoire of a Myriad Worlds
Grimoire of the Heavens
Grimoire of the Round
Grimoire Togail
Grimoire Wing
Hailstorm Codex
Hailstorm Grimoire
Halonic Exorcist's Grimoire
Halonic Priest's Codex
Hammer of Lightning
Hard Leather Grimoire
Healer's Lore
Healing Grimoire
Hemiskin Codex
Hemiskin Grimoire
High Allagan Grimoire of Casting
High Allagan Grimoire of Healing
Hive Codex
Hive Grimoire
Horde Codex
Horde Grimoire
Hunter's Monograph
Hyperconductive Draconomicon
Hyperconductive Draconomicon Replica
Hyperconductive Tetrabiblos
Hyperconductive Tetrabiblos Replica
I Want to Be Your Canary
I Wish I Were a Chocobo
Ifrit's Codex
Ifrit's Grimoire
Inferno Codex
Inferno Grimoire
Ironwall Grimoire
Ironworks Magitek Codex
Ironworks Magitek Grimoire
Kinna Codex
Kinna Grimoire
Kirimu Codex
Kirimu Grimoire
Knight's Code
Knight's Monograph
Lady Knight of Ronfaure
Large Book
Last Resort
Last Resort Zeta
Leather Grimoire
Legend of the Dragoons
Lominsan Grimoire
Lominsan Officer's Grimoire
Lominsan Picatrix
Louisoix Leveilleur's Journal
Lustful Lali-ho
Mage's Monograph
Majestic Moggle Mogtome
Majestic Mogtome
Maple Picatrix
Martial Codex
Martial Grimoire
Medica Thavnaria
Memory of Heroes
Mesa's Musings
Monster Guide
Moogle Wannabe
Munificent Moggle Mogtome
Munificent Mogtome
Nameless Tome
Nanai's Histories
Ninja Sutra
Noble Gold
Noble's Codex
Noble's Picatrix
Omnilex Animus
Omnilex Atma
Omnilex Nexus
Omnilex Novus
Omnilex Zenith
On the Properties of Beastmen
On the Way to a Smile
Ona Ramuhda
Ona Ramuhda First Edition
Padjali Codex
Padjali Grimoire
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