This tag is used for all armor-type equipment. It should not appear in any other category. If you need to describe a heavy armor, plate armor, mail armor, etc, use tags like heavyarmor or mails.

Gridanian Officer's Boots
Gridanian Officer's Cap
Gridanian Officer's Gloves
Gridanian Officer's Overcoat
Gridanian Sash
Gridanian Shield
Gridanian Slops
Gridanian Soldier's Boots
Gridanian Soldier's Cap
Gridanian Soldier's Gloves
Gridanian Soldier's Overcoat
Gridanian Square Shield
Gridanian Targe
Gridanian Trousers
Gryphonskin Gloves
Gryphonskin Jerkin
Gryphonskin Thighboots
Gryphonskin Trousers
Gryphonskin Tunic
Guardian Armguard
Guardian Targe
Guardian's Torque
Hades Armor
Hades Gloves
Hades Helm
Hamlet Cutter's Hat
Hamlet Digger's Helmet
Hamlet Puller's Hat
Harlequin's Acton
Harlequin's Belt
Harlequin's Cap
Harlequin's Tights
Healer's Boots
Healer's Circlet
Healer's Culottes
Healer's Gloves
Healer's Robe
Healing Helm
Heater Shield
Heavy Armor
Heavy Coat
Heavy Darklight Armor
Heavy Darklight Flanchard
Heavy Darklight Gauntlets
Heavy Darksteel Armor
Heavy Darksteel Flanchard
Heavy Darksteel Gauntlets
Heavy Shield
Helm of Light
Helm of the Lone Knight
Helm of Trials
Hempen Acton
Hempen Bodice
Hempen Braies
Hempen Breastcloth
Hempen Breeches
Hempen Camise
Hempen Camisole
Hempen Chestband
Hempen Coif
Hempen Dalmatica
Hempen Doublet Vest
Hempen Drawers
Hempen Halfgloves
Hempen Halftights
Hempen Halftop
Hempen Kecks
Hempen Kurta
Hempen Loinguard
Hempen Pagne
Hempen Pantalettes
Hempen Robe
Hempen Shepherd's Slops
Hempen Shorts
Hempen Singlet
Hempen Stockings
Hempen Trunks
Hempen Tunic
Hempen Undershirt
Hempen Undersleeves
Hempen Work Gloves
Hermes' Shoes
Hermit's Robes
Hero's Shield
Holy Shield
Hoplite Armor
Hoplite Glove
Hoplite Helm
Hoplite Leggings
Hoplite Shield
Horn Scale Mail
Horned Hat
Hunter's Carapace

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