This tag is used for all armor-type equipment. It should not appear in any other category. If you need to describe a heavy armor, plate armor, mail armor, etc, use tags like heavyarmor or mails.

Fingerless Raptorskin Gloves
Fire Armlets
Flame Armlets
Flame Armor
Flame Helm
Flame Mail
Flame Private's Crakows
Flame Private's Halfgloves
Flame Private's Pot Helm
Flame Private's Sarouel
Flame Private's Shirt
Flame Sash
Flame Sergeant's Apron
Flame Sergeant's Beret
Flame Sergeant's Circlet
Flame Sergeant's Crakows
Flame Sergeant's Halfgloves
Flame Sergeant's Hose
Flame Sergeant's Jackboots
Flame Sergeant's Mask
Flame Sergeant's Mitts
Flame Sergeant's Pot Helm
Flame Sergeant's Sarouel
Flame Sergeant's Sash
Flame Sergeant's Shield
Flame Sergeant's Shirt
Flame Sergeant's Shortgloves
Flame Sergeant's Skirt
Flame Sergeant's Tabard
Flame Sergeant's Targe
Flame Sergeant's Thighboots
Flame Shield
Fluted Armor
Fluted Glove
Fluted Leggings
Force Armor
Force Shield
Four Slots
Fourth Bracelet
Frayed Chef's Belt
Frayed Cotton Doublet Vest
Frost Armlets
Frost Sash
Frost Shield
Fuma Garb
Gabranth's Armor
Gaia Amulet
Gaia Gear
Gaia Hat
Gaia Plate
Galbadian Arm
Galbadian Armor
Galbadian Head
Gallant Coronet
Gallant Cuisses
Gallant Gauntlets
Gallant Sollerets
Gallant Surcoat
Gambler's Crown
Genji Armor
Genji Gloves
Genji Helm
Genji Shield
Giant's Gloves
Giant's Helm
Gigas Armlets
Gigas Chestplate
Gigas Hat
Glass Armlet
Glass Mask
Glimmering Robes
Glutton's Robe
Goggle Mask
Golbez's Gauntlet
Gold Armlets
Gold Armor
Gold Breastplate
Gold Cuirass
Gold Hairpin
Gold Helm
Gold Mail
Gold Shield
Golden Dragon Kabuto
Golden Skullcap
Goldsmith's Turban
Grand Armor
Grand Helm
Greasy Half Apron
Green Beret
Gridanian Bottom
Gridanian Breeches
Gridanian Buckler
Gridanian Coatee
Gridanian Cowl
Gridanian Doublet
Gridanian Jacket

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