This tag is used for all armor-type equipment. It should not appear in any other category. If you need to describe a heavy armor, plate armor, mail armor, etc, use tags like heavyarmor or mails.

Diamond Gloves
Diamond Helm
Diamond Mail
Diamond Plate
Diamond Shield
Diamond Vest
Divining Hat
Dodore Doublet
Dodoskin Caligae
Dodoskin Espadrilles
Dodoskin Harness
Dodoskin Hunting Belt
Dodoskin Pot Helm
Dodoskin Ringbands
Dodoskin Shepherd's Belt
Dodoskin Shoes
Dodoskin Skullcap
Dodoskin Subligar
Dodoskin Wristguards
Drachen Armet
Drachen Breeches
Drachen Gauntlets
Drachen Greaves
Drachen Mail
Dragon Armlets
Dragon Armor
Dragon Gloves
Dragon Helm
Dragon Kabuto
Dragon Mail
Dragon Shield
Dragon Wrist
Dragoon's Overcoat
Dread Armor
Dread Glove
Dread Helm
Dread Leggings
Dread Shield
Dream Boots
Dream Hat
Dream Tunic
Druid's Robes
Dueling Mask
Eagle-crested Round Shield
Egoist's Armlet
Electrum Circlet
Electrum Monocle
Elite Armor
Elven Cloak
Emerald Bracer
Emerald Shield
Enchanter's Habit
Engineer's Leggings
Ensanguined Shield
Escort Guard
Esthar Arm
Esthar Headgear
Eternal Helm
Eternal Mail
Eternal Shade
Evoker's Horn
Exa Armor
Exa Buckler
Exa Power Wrist
Exdeath's Armor
Explorer's Bandana
Explorer's Belt
Explorer's Breeches
Explorer's Calot
Explorer's Moccasins
Explorer's Sabatons
Explorer's Tabard
Explorer's Tunic
Faris's Bracer
Feathered Hat
Felt Beret
Felt Bliaud
Felt Bracers
Felt Cavalier's Hat
Felt Chausses
Felt Coif
Felt Gaskins
Felt Gown
Felt Halfgloves
Felt Hat
Felt Kecks
Felt Robe
Felt Trousers
Felt Work Gloves
Feral Pride
Fighter's Breeches
Fighter's Burgeonet
Fighter's Cuirass
Fighter's Gauntlets
Fighter's Jackboots
Fingerless Boarskin Gloves
Fingerless Leather Gloves
Fingerless Peisteskin Gloves

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