This tag is used for all armor-type equipment. It should not appear in any other category. If you need to describe a heavy armor, plate armor, mail armor, etc, use tags like heavyarmor or mails.

Corrupted Gear
Corsair's Frock
Cotton Acton
Cotton Bodice
Cotton Braies
Cotton Breastcloth
Cotton Breeches
Cotton Camise
Cotton Camisole
Cotton Cap
Cotton Chestband
Cotton Coif
Cotton Dalmatica
Cotton Doublet Vest
Cotton Drawers
Cotton Halfgloves
Cotton Halfrobe
Cotton Halftights
Cotton Halftop
Cotton Kecks
Cotton Loinguard
Cotton Pagne
Cotton Pantalettes
Cotton Robe
Cotton Scarf
Cotton Shepherd's Slops
Cotton Shepherd's Tunic
Cotton Shirt
Cotton Shorts
Cotton Singlet
Cotton Stockings
Cotton Sugarloaf Hat
Cotton Tabard
Cotton Trunks
Cotton Undershirt
Cotton Undersleeves
Cotton Work Gloves
Cowboy Hat
Cracked Shepherd's Belt
Crimson Dragon Kabuto
Crimson Gear
Crimson Vest
Cross Helm
Crown of Laurels
Crown of Spirits
Crusader Armor
Crusader Mask
Crystal Armor
Crystal Bangle
Crystal Gloves
Crystal Helm
Crystal Mail
Crystal Ring
Crystal Shield
Culinarian's Hat
Cursed Ring
Cursed Shield
Dalamud Horn
Dancer's Garb
Dancing Queen
Dark Armor
Dark Gloves
Dark Hat
Dark Helm
Dark Shield
Darklight Boots
Darklight Bracers
Darklight Breeches
Darklight Caligae
Darklight Corselet
Darklight Cowl
Darklight Cuirass
Darklight Eyepatch
Darklight Gauntlets
Darklight Gloves
Darklight Helm
Darklight Sollerets
Darksteel Haubergeon
Death Armor
Decorated Bronze Barbut
Decorated Bronze Mitt Gauntlets
Decorated Buckler
Decorated Iron Scutum
Defense Gloves
Defense Veil
Demon Armor
Demon Gloves
Demon Helm
Demon Mail
Demon Shield
Demon's Vest
Dented Celata
Diamond Armlets
Diamond Armor
Diamond Bangle
Diamond Belt
Diamond Cuirass
Diamond Gauntlet

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