This tag is used for all armor-type equipment. It should not appear in any other category. If you need to describe a heavy armor, plate armor, mail armor, etc, use tags like heavyarmor or mails.

Weathered Field Belt
Weathered Fingerless Gloves
Weathered Gown
Weathered Halfgloves
Weathered Halfrobe
Weathered Hunting Tunic
Weathered Jackboots
Weathered Jerkin
Weathered Kecks
Weathered Moccasins
Weathered Pattens
Weathered Robe
Weathered Sarouel
Weathered Satchel Belt
Weathered Shirt
Weathered Shoes
Weathered Slops
Weathered Smithy's Gloves
Weathered Spectacles
Weathered Sun Hat
Weathered Survival Belt
Weathered Tabard
Weathered Thighboots
Weathered Tights
Weathered Tool Belt
Weathered Trousers
Weathered Work Gloves
Weathered Workboots
Weaver's Gibus
Well-worn Bodice
Well-worn Braies
Well-worn Breastcloth
Well-worn Camise
Well-worn Camisole
Well-worn Chestband
Well-worn Drawers
Well-worn Halftights
Well-worn Halftop
Well-worn Loinguard
Well-worn Pagne
Well-worn Pantalettes
Well-worn Shorts
Well-worn Singlet
Well-worn Stockings
Well-worn Trunks
Well-worn Undershirt
Well-worn Undersleeves
White Dress
White Mask
White Pumpkin Head
White Robe
Wild Bear
Winged Belt
Winged Helm
Witch's Crown
Witch's Hat
Wizard Armlet
Wizard Clothing
Wizard's Bracelets
Wizard's Coat
Wizard's Crakows
Wizard's Gloves
Wizard's Hat
Wizard's Petasos
Wizard's Robe
Wizard's Tonban
Wood Wailer's Jacket
Woolen Beret
Woolen Bliaud
Woolen Bracers
Woolen Cavalier's Hat
Woolen Chausses
Woolen Coif
Woolen Cowl
Woolen Deerstalker
Woolen Doublet
Woolen Gaskins
Woolen Gown
Woolen Halfgloves
Woolen Hat
Woolen Kecks
Woolen Robe
Woolen Sarouel
Woolen Shirt
Woolen Slops
Woolen Smock
Woolen Sugarloaf Hat
Woolen Tights
Woolen Trousers
Woolen Turban
Woolen Work Gloves
Woollen Coat
Worm-eaten Square Shield
Wutai Headband
Zephyr Cape
Zodiac Escutcheon

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