This tag is used for all armor-type equipment. It should not appear in any other category. If you need to describe a heavy armor, plate armor, mail armor, etc, use tags like heavyarmor or mails.

Ul'dahn Jerkin
Ul'dahn Officer's Boots
Ul'dahn Officer's Cap
Ul'dahn Officer's Gloves
Ul'dahn Officer's Overcoat
Ul'dahn Robe
Ul'dahn Round Shield
Ul'dahn Sash
Ul'dahn Scutum
Ul'dahn Shield
Ul'dahn Soldier's Boots
Ul'dahn Soldier's Cap
Ul'dahn Soldier's Gloves
Ul'dahn Soldier's Overcoat
Ul'dahn Subligar
Ul'dahn Tights
Unripened Pumpkin Head
Usagi Kabuto
Vanguard Helm
Vanya Crakows
Vanya Gloves
Vanya Hat
Vanya Robe
Vanya Sash
Velveteen Bandana
Velveteen Bottom
Velveteen Coatee
Velveteen Doublet Vest
Velveteen Gaiters
Velveteen Half Apron
Velveteen Robe
Velveteen Rope Belt
Velveteen Sarouel
Velveteen Shirt
Velveteen Shortgloves
Velveteen Sugarloaf Hat
Velveteen Tights
Velveteen Trousers
Velveteen Turban
Velveteen Wedge Cap
Venerer's Bracers
Venetia Shield
Venetian Shield
Veteran's Acton
Veteran's Field Belt
Veteran's Pot Helm
Vibrant Egg Cap
Victory Dress
Viking Coat
Viking Helm
Viking Mail
Vincent's Cape
Vintage Buckler
Vintage Celata
Vintage Chef's Apron
Vintage Chef's Belt
Vintage Chef's Hat
Vintage Coatee
Vintage Coif
Vintage Doublet Vest
Vintage Half Apron
Vintage Haubergeon
Vintage Hoplon
Vintage Hose
Vintage Kite Shield
Vintage Robe
Vintage Round Shield
Vintage Scale Mail
Vintage Scutum
Vintage Seneschal Coatee
Vintage Shepherd's Belt
Vintage Smithy's Gloves
Vintage Square Shield
Vintage Thighboots
Violet Gilet
Viper-crested Round Shield
Vishnu Vest
Voyager's Belt
Waning Sun Pelta
Warden's Barbut
Warden's Gauntlets
Warlock's Buckler
Warlock's Pattens
Warlock's Satchel Belt
Warrior Bangle
Warrior's Bracer
Weathered Acton
Weathered Bandana
Weathered Beach Hat
Weathered Beret
Weathered Breeches
Weathered Chausses
Weathered Coif
Weathered Crakows
Weathered Culottes
Weathered Dalmatica
Weathered Doublet
Weathered Doublet Vest
Weathered Duckbills

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