This tag is used for all armor-type equipment. It should not appear in any other category. If you need to describe a heavy armor, plate armor, mail armor, etc, use tags like heavyarmor or mails.

Steel Goggles
Steel Gorget
Steel Mask
Steel Mitt Gauntlets
Steel Plate Belt
Steel Sabatons
Steel Sallet
Steel Tassets
Steel Vambraces
Steel-plated Caligae
Steel-plated Jackboots
Storm Armlets
Storm Gear
Storm Helm
Storm Mail
Storm Private's Bliaud
Storm Private's Leggings
Storm Private's Sallet
Storm Private's Trousers
Storm Private's Wristguards
Storm Sash
Storm Sergeant's Apron
Storm Sergeant's Belt
Storm Sergeant's Beret
Storm Sergeant's Bliaud
Storm Sergeant's Circlet
Storm Sergeant's Crakows
Storm Sergeant's Hoplon
Storm Sergeant's Hose
Storm Sergeant's Jackboots
Storm Sergeant's Leggings
Storm Sergeant's Mask
Storm Sergeant's Mitts
Storm Sergeant's Sallet
Storm Sergeant's Sarouel
Storm Sergeant's Shortgloves
Storm Sergeant's Tabard
Storm Sergeant's Targe
Storm Sergeant's Trousers
Storm Sergeant's Wristguards
Storm Shield
Straw Hat
Summer Halter
Summer Tanga
Summer Top
Summer Trunks
Survival Vest
Tabby Suit
Tarnished Hoplon
Tarred Velveteen Longsash
Tattered Robe
Templar's Chain Coif
Templar's Haubergeon
Templar's Sollerets
Templar's Tassets
Temple Boots
Temple Circlet
Temple Cyclas
Temple Gaskins
Temple Gloves
Thief Hat
Thief's Armlets
Thief's Bracer
Thief's Cap
Thief's Gloves
Thormoen's Purpose
Thormoen's Subligar
Thunder Armlets
Thunder Gloves
Thunder Shield
Tiger Mask
Tile Glove
Time Helm
Time Mail
Tin Armor
Titan Armlets
Titanium Bangle
Toadskin Armguards
Toadskin Hunting Belt
Toadskin Jacket
Topkapi Hat
Torn Coif
Tortoise Shield
Tortoiseshell Scale Mail
Torturer's Duckbills
Torturer's Monocle
Tower Shield
Travel Clothes
Turks Suit
Twin Adder Escutcheon
Twist Headband
Ul'dahn Chausses
Ul'dahn Culottes
Ul'dahn Gown
Ul'dahn Harness
Ul'dahn Hoplon

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