This tag is used for all armor-type equipment. It should not appear in any other category. If you need to describe a heavy armor, plate armor, mail armor, etc, use tags like heavyarmor or mails.

Sentinel's Greaves
Sentinel's Plate
Sentinel's Plate Belt
Sentinel's Sabatons
Sentinel's Trousers
Sentinel's Watch
Sephiroth Model
Serah's Gloves
Serpent Private's Bracers
Serpent Private's Coif
Serpent Private's Kecks
Serpent Private's Moccasins
Serpent Private's Tunic
Serpent Sergeant's Apron
Serpent Sergeant's Belt
Serpent Sergeant's Beret
Serpent Sergeant's Bracers
Serpent Sergeant's Circlet
Serpent Sergeant's Coif
Serpent Sergeant's Crakows
Serpent Sergeant's Hoplon
Serpent Sergeant's Hose
Serpent Sergeant's Jackboots
Serpent Sergeant's Kecks
Serpent Sergeant's Mask
Serpent Sergeant's Mitts
Serpent Sergeant's Moccasins
Serpent Sergeant's Sarouel
Serpent Sergeant's Shortgloves
Serpent Sergeant's Tabard
Serpent Sergeant's Targe
Serpent Sergeant's Tunic
Shaman's Robes
Sheepskin Calot
Sheepskin Duckbills
Sheepskin Leggings
Sheepskin Mitts
Sheepskin Shoes
Sheepskin Targe
Sheepskin Wristguards
Sheer Doublet
Shell Armor
Shell Helm
Shell Shield
Shepherd's Bolero
Shield Armor
Shield of the Savage
Shield of Trials
Shielded Armor
Shinra Alpha
Shinra Beta
Shinra Soldier's Mask
Shura Gloves
Silk Coat
Silk Robe
Silk Shirt
Silver Armlets
Silver Breastplate
Silver Circlet
Silver Cuirass
Silver Gloves
Silver Magnifiers
Silver Plate
Silver Spectacles
Silver Tricorne
Silver Usagi Kabuto
Sipahi Crakows
Sipahi Gloves
Sipahi Sarouel
Sipahi Shirt
Sipahi Turban
Skull Eyepatch
Sky Amulet
Snow Scarf
Soft Bracer
Soldier's Cap
Solid Scale Mail
Sorcerer's Habit
Sorcerer's Hat
Sorcerer's Ringbands
Sorcerer's Robe
Sorcerer's Tights
Spiked Armguards
Spiked Shield
Spruce Pattens
Squall's Jacket
Square Ash Shield
Square Maple Shield
Stablehand's Hat
Stablemaid's Hat
Stained Chef's Apron
Star-spangled Subligar
Steel Barbut
Steel Celata
Steel Chainmail
Steel Cuirass
Steel Gauntlets
Steel Gloves

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