This tag is used to list any and all accessory-type items. Not all FFs have accessory-type items, some have only armor-types. Note that this is a category from within the category Equipment (and sometimes Item), it should not appear in other categories.

Steel Gorget
Steel Poleyns
Stiltzkin's Journal
Stonewall Choker
Stonewall Earrings
Stonewall Ring
Storm Sergeant's Bracelets
Storm Sergeant's Choker
Storm Sergeant's Earrings
Storm Sergeant's Ring
Stormbane Choker
Stormbringer's Ring
Stormcarrier's Ring
Stormseal Jewel
Stormshield Choker
Stormsup Malcreous
Stormward Bangle
Strahl Charm
Strongarm Blessing
Sun Earrings
Sun Pendant
Sunstone Bracelets
Sunstone Choker
Sunstone Earrings
Sunstone Ring
Supporter's Amethyst
Swan Song
Swift Ornament
Sylphid Ring
Talian Ring
Talisman of Speed
Talisman of Wisdom
Tamulis Tongue
Taotie Motif
Teddy Bear
Tenacious Ring
Terra Earrings
Terra's Pendant
Tetra Elemental
Thaliak's Ring
Thief's Bracer
Thief's Cuffs
Thief's Emblem
Thief's Gloves
Thorn of Aggression
Thorn of Courage
Thorn of Protection
Thorn of Speed
Thorn of Warding
Thorn of Will
Thunder Armlets
Thunder Ring
Thunderbird Bracelet
Thunderstorm Droplet
Tiger's Emblem
Tipping Scales Earring
Tipping Scales Ring
Titan's Gloves
Titan's Ring
Toasty Shawl
Tome of Ultima
Tough Ring
Tourmaline Bracelets
Tourmaline Choker
Tourmaline Earrings
Tourmaline Ring
Traveler's Pouch
Tremor Earrings
Tri-point Coronet
Tri-point Crown
Turquoise Bracelets
Turquoise Choker
Turquoise Earrings
Turquoise Ring
Turtle Shell
Turtleshell Choker
Twist Headband
Twisted Scope
Twisted Spectacles
Two-headed Coin
Tycoon's Comb
Tynar Rouge
Tyrant Earrings
Ultimate Pocket
Undine Bracelet
Unfaltering Watch
Vagabond's Earring
Vajra Pin
Vampire Cape
Vanille's Necklace
Vibrant Egg Ring
Vile Ribbon
Vossler's Gauntlet
Wailing Doll
War Gong (Equipment)
Ward Bangle

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