This tag is used to list any and all accessory-type items. Not all FFs have accessory-type items, some have only armor-types. Note that this is a category from within the category Equipment (and sometimes Item), it should not appear in other categories.

Heliodor Bracelets
Heliodor Choker
Heliodor Earrings
Heliodor Ring
Helm of Arai
Hermes Sandals
Hero's Amulet
Hero's Belt
Hero's Ring
Highwind Charm
Hope's Scarf
Horn Armillae
Horn Earrings
Horn Necklace
Horn Ring
Hunter's Insignia
Hyper Wrist
Hypno Crown
Ice Aegis
Ice Ring
Icicle Ring
Icy Inferno
Ill Will Band
Immoral Corset
Impeder's Opal
Imperial Guard's Cravat
Imperial Operative Choker
Imperial Operative Wristlets
Imp's Crest
Incanter's Pouch
Indigo Pendant
Inferno Armband
Inferno Bangle
Invisibility Cloak
Iron Bangle
Irondragon Scale
Items of FFVIIR
Items of Lightning Returns
Jade Armlet
Jade Bracer
Jade Collar
Japa Mala
Jet Engine
Jewel Ring
Jeweled Ring
Judicer's Helm
Kadesh Ring
Kaiser Knuckles
Knight's Code
Knowing Tag (Equipment)
Kornago Gourd
L Adjuster
L Adjuster γ
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli Bracelets
Lapis Lazuli Choker
Lapis Lazuli Earrings
Lapis Lazuli Ring
Lau Fei's Armlet
Leather Choker
Leather Cloak
Leather Gorget
Leather Shoes
Leather Wristbands
Legendary Score
Lenna's Earring
Lich Ring
Life Ring
Light Curtain (Equip)
Lightning Aegis
Lightning Cross
Lily and Serpent Earring
Lily and Serpent Ring
Lion's Heart
Llymlaen's Ring
Loaded Dice
Locke's Bandanna
Locket Necklace
Locket Pendant
Lucky Dice
Lucky Ring
Lufenian Boots
Lufenian Hairpin
Lufenian Robes
M Adjuster
M Adjuster γ
Madain's Ring
Mage Hunter's Mask
Mage Masher
Magepower Glove
Mage's Armlet
Mage's Choker
Mage's Cloak
Mage's Earrings

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