This tag is used to list any and all accessory-type items. Not all FFs have accessory-type items, some have only armor-types. Note that this is a category from within the category Equipment (and sometimes Item), it should not appear in other categories.

Diamond Armlet
Diamond Bracelet
Diamond Matinee Necklace
Diamond Ring
Diva Headphone
Diva Mic
Djinn's Crest
Doctor Cid's Glasses
Dodoskin Choker
Dodoskin Wristbands
Double Axe
Dragon Bracers
Dragon Helm
Dragon Horn
Dragon Whisker
Dragon's Heart
Dragoon Boots
Dragoon Scarf
Dreamdragon Scale
Dueling Mask
Duelist's Earrings
Dwarves' Horn
Dying Ring
Eagle Goggles
Early-blooming Corsage
Earth Pendant
Earth-rending Ring
Edgar's Earrings
Electrum Choker
Electrum Earrings
Electrum Gorget
Electrum Ring
Electrum Wristlets
Elemental's Soul
Elven Cloak
Elven Mantle
Ember Ring
Embroidered Tippet
Emerald Ring
Empyreal Armband
Enlister's Gloves
Entite Ring
EX Core 100%
Exa Armor
Exa Buckler
Exa Cape
Exa Circlet
Exa Earring
Exa Power Wrist
Explorer's Choker
Explorer's Earrings
Explorer's Ring
Eye of the Storm
Face of the Mage's Nemesis
Face of the Warrior's Nemesis
Faerie Pouch
Faerie Ring
Fairy Earrings
Fake Mustache
Falcon Charm
Falcon Ornament
Fang Charm
Fang Earrings
Fang Necklace
Fatal Earrings
Faufnir's Tear
Feather Boots
Featherweave Cloak
Federation Army Mantle
Fencer's Earrings
Fighter's Emblem
Final Aeon Badge
Fire Aegis
Fire Armlets
Fire Bangle
Fire Ring
Fireseal Jewel
Firesup Malcreous
Firewyrm Bracelet
Flame Mantle
Flame Ring
Flame Sergeant's Bracelets
Flame Sergeant's Choker
Flame Sergeant's Earrings
Flame Sergeant's Ring
Flamebane Choker
Flamebringer's Ring
Flamecarrier's Ring
Flameshield Choker
Flamestar Ring
Flameward Bangle

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