Shiva (FFXIII)

In Final Fantasy XIII Shiva is a pair of sisters. The older sister is called Stiria and the younger Nix. Together they can transform into a motorcycle. They are acquired in chapter 3. Only Snow Villiers can summon them. In normal mode, the two sisters share their SP gauge, but have separate ATB gauges. Enemies can attack Nix, but not Stiria except with area of effect attacks. Stiria will prioritize healing Snow, and cast ice magic when not otherwise occupied. Nix will mainly use physical attacks. In Gestalt mode, Shiva can target any enemy anywhere in the arena.




Blizzard, 1 ATB - Deals ice damage to targets.
Blizzara, 2 ATB - Deals ice damage to targets in range.
Blizzaga, 3 ATB - Deals ice damage to targets within a wide radius.
Curaga, 1 ATB - Restores a large amount of target's HP.
Esuna, 1 ATB - Remove target's most recently inflicted status ailment.
Arise, auto - Revive from KO with full HP and no status ailments.
Penetration, auto - Bypass target's fire, ice, lightning, and water resistances.


Wheel Rap, 1 ATB - Deal physical damage to target.
Flip Kick, 1 ATB - Deal physical damage to target, launching it into the air if staggered.
Wheel Grind, 1 ATB - Strike target repeatedly for physical damage.
Wheel Toss, 1 ATB - Attack distant target for physical damage.
Pirouette, 2 ATB - Attack surrounding units repeatedly for physical damage.
Blizzara, 2 ATB - Deal ice damage to targets in range.
ATB Charge, auto - Store power to accelerate ATB gauge recharge.
Penetration, auto - Bypass target's fire, ice, lightning, and water resistances.

Gestalt Mode

Wheelie, 3 units, L-up+X/A - Charge foward and deal non-elemental damage to target.
Spinfreeze, 3 units, L-down+X/A - Deal ice damage to surrounding targets and launch staggered ones into the air.
Icicle Drift, 3 units, L-left/right+X/A - Deal non-elemental damage by sliding into target.
Ice Ramp, 3 units, circle/B - Jump off conjured ramp and deal ice damage.
Diamond Dust, all remaining units, triangle/Y - Repeatedly deal ice damage to all targets.

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