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Odin is obtained at the end of chapter 6, after you beat Gilgamesh and watch the following cutscenes about the summoning of Alexander. Odin is relatively fast and is capable of dispatching any enemy in one hit.


Summon time (initial): 30 seconds


Coming soon


Note that aside from the initial abilities without an AP cost, each of Odin's abilities becomes available in the ability list only after the previous one has been learnt.

Ability List
Movement Attack
United Riding
HP Up (4 AP)

*- HP Up+ (4 AP)
*- Summon Time Extension+ (8 AP)
*- Movement Speed Up (4 AP)
*- Engetsuzan Power Increase (4 AP)
*- Intensify Engetsuzan (6 AP)
*— HP Up++ (6 AP)
*— Summon Time Extension++ (8 AP)
*— - HP Up+++ (6 AP)
*— - Engetsuzan Power Increase Revision (6 AP)
*— - Summon Time Extension+++ (10 AP)
*— — United Riding Power Increase+ (6 AP)
*— — Engetsuzan Instant Death Rate Up (8 AP)
*— — Zantetsuken Charge Level Up (6 AP)

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