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Bahamut (バハムート [bahamut] in Japanese) is acquired in chapter 9 of Final Fantasy XIII, and is only available to Oerba Yun Fang. Be careful attacking ground-based enemies in Gestalt mode, as Pulsar Burst might miss.


Normal Mode
Dragon Claws, 1 ATB - Deal physical damage to targets in range.
Whirlwind, 1 ATB - Deal physical damage to surrounding targets and launch them into the air.
Umbral Vise, 1 ATB - Deal heavy physical damage to target.
Inferno, 1 ATB - Deal heavy magic damage to target.
Ignis, 3 ATB - Deal magic damage to targets within a wide radius.
Curaga, 1 ATB - Restores a large amount of target's HP.
Arise, auto - Revive from KO with full HP and no status ailments.

Gestalt Mode
Hunting Dive, 2 units, L-up+X/A - Swoop down and strike the target, launching it into the air if staggered.
Aerial Loop, 2 units, L-down+X/A - Strike target with a somersault spin, catapulting upward.
Obliterating Breath, 3 units, L-left/right+X/A - Charge forward and blast target repeatedly.
Pulsar Burst, 3 units, circle/B - Soar upward, blasting targets within a wide radius with intense light.
Megaflare, all remaining units, triangle/Y - Deal massive damage to all enemies.

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