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In Final Fantasy XI Bahamut (バハムート [bahamut] in Japanese) is known as the Wyrmking, but also as the Ruler of the Skies. While he appears in the game, he is not summonable.

In the ages past, he allied with the Kuluu to stop the opening of the Gates of Paradise. However, while the plan resulted in the Gate never being opened, it also made Bahamut fall into the sea of Shu'Meyo and sleep for many millennia.

That is the state he is still in in the beginning of the game. He awakens in the very beginning of the Chains of Promathia story due to disturbances in the Crystal Line - most likely due to the events at the end of the Rise of the Zilart story. First thing upon awakening, he judges that the time for the awakening of the Keeper of Apocalypse has come, and calls forth all wyrm-kind to stop this.
Unfortunately, his promise in stopping the opening of the Gates of Paradise in the past revolves around destroying the children of Altana, believing that they cannot resist the Emptiness, the call of Promathia. He persists in his belief even while old allies and new heroes attempt to convince him otherwise. The surviving Zilart from ancient times attempt to capture him to stop his plans, but fail to do so.

When the Keeper of Apocalypse is defeated (at the completion of the Chains of Promathia story), Bahamut disappears, only to come back several times, unconvinced with the determination and strength of the children of Altana. This is when you are able to battle him.

Final Fantasy XI (boss, lv 83)
Quest: Storms of Fate

Final Fantasy XI (boss, lv 85)
Quest: The Wyrmking Descends

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