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Bahamut has two forms in Final Fantasy X - those of a young boy, and a fierce dragon. The young boy is the Fayth of Bahamut, and is featured prominently in the story. The dragon is a result of his dreams, what the Summoners call forth when they summon him. His Overdrive is the Giga Flare.

The Fayth of Bahamut is first seen during the destruction of dream Zanarkand, where he talks to Tidus - who of course doesn't understand what is going on. Towards the end of the story he is seen many more times, and is revealed to be a spokesman of kinds to all the Fayth. He encourages Yuna to summon him and the other Fayth to aid the party in the final battle against Yu Yevon.
He also has a crucial part in revealing to Tidus the true nature of himself and the Zanarkand he grew up in.

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