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Bahamut (バハムート [bahamut] in Japanese) appears to be a strong dragon and a legendary summon in Final Fantasy III. He was sealed away on the Floating Continent by the legendary Noah, where he awaited for a worthy master ever since.

The first time the Warriors of Light come across Bahamut is at Dragon Mountain, where he/she carries them to its nest, possibly intending to feed them to the newly hatched babies. These babies appear to be actual baby bahamuts. Next time they come across one is when they get in actual battle with him, and win the right of summoning.


Tier: 8
Learn: win Bahamut in battle


Bahamut (boss)
Level: 45
Stats: HP 34,000, MP ?, ATK 90, DEF 37, EVA ?, SPD ?
GIL 16,500 / EXP 20,000
Items: Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down
Place: Bahamut's Lair

Category: Summon


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