Atomos in Final Fantasy XIV is an unknown entity so far. It appears concurrently above certain aetheryte camps (listed below), and occasionally spews forth enemies, mostly undead and various types of demons. Considering its appearance at the final stages of the fall of Dalamud, it might have something to do with the secondary moon, or possibly aether and the void. To the last of these is also a connection with the monsters Atomos spawns, as they are all called Deepvoid something or other.

The first phase of the Atomos appearances simply had Atomos appear occasionally and spawn several mobs, which dropped various types of special crystals. At the second phase, Atomos itself was defeatable (and had a chance to spawn all previous monsters as well as several new ones), and spawned an item called a voidstone upon defeat. This voidstone gave over-aspected clusters and crystals or a Quicken or Heavy status effect upon examining. Upon reaching this second phase, the local aetheryte crystal would turn orange.

In the chart below, the numbers in the phases refer to which stage of behavior Atomos was in in that particular area during that phase. X means no Atomos presence. It bears noting that location-wise, the influence of Atomos seems to spread in a widening circle around a central point somewhere around northern Mor Dhona.

Region Camp Phase 1 Phase 2
Mor Dhona Brittlebark
Revenant's Toll
Stage 1 Stage 2
Coerthas Dragonhead
Fields of Glory
Ever Lakes
Stage 1
Stage 1
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 2
Thanalan Black Brush
Horizon's Edge
Stage 1
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 1
Black Shroud Crimson Bark
Emerald Moss
X Stage 1


Listed below are the monsters Atomos occasionally brings with it. Each listed is not exactly a regular one, their level is always listed as ?? and they always glow with a red-black haze. The stage 2 monsters are significantly bigger than their regular counterparts. Along with stage 2 monsters, also monsters from stage 2 can spawn.

Stage 1
Deepvoid Scamp
Deepvoid Soul
Deepvoid Warrior

Stage 2
Deepvoid Pikeman
Deepvoid Slave
Deepvoid Watcher
Deepvoid Wizard
Deepvoid (flan)

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