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Final Fantasy IV

Asura is the Queen of the Summons, who rules with her King Leviathan. Unlike most Summons, Asura's powers are based on healing.
To be able to summon Asura, you have to fight her in the Land of the Summons.


MP required: 40 MP
Casting: 8 seconds
Learn: win Asura in battle



Asura (boss)
HP: 21104, MP: ?, ATK: ?/M?, DEF: ?/M?, EVA: ?, SPD: ?
GIL: 14000 / EXP: 84416
Weakness: -
Resistance: -
Absorb: Fire, Ice, Thunder, Water, Wind
Items: -
Steal: -
Place: Feymarch

The After Years

Asura, along with the other Summons, is turned to stone around the time of the attack on Baron.

To be continued

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