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アルティミシア [ultimecia] in Japanese.

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In Dissidia NT


Note that command displayed is default, the activating button can be changed in the config. Only one HP attack can be chosen for any one match. Landing bravery attacks in quick succession raises their potency.

Ground Bravery HP Attacks
Command Name Command Name
X Relentless Blades Great Attractor
↑+X Arcing Axes Shockwave Pulsar
↓+X Final Sentence Hell's Judgement
Air Bravery EX Skills
Command Name Command Name
X Arrows of Rapture Maelstrom
↑+X Spears of Temperance
↓+X Capering Axes
Dash Bravery Special Skills
Command Name Command Name
X Unerring Pikes
(while on ground)
X Protean Swords
(while in the air)

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