Tenzen (Stats)
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テンゼン [tenzen] in Japanese.

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Memoria Type: Premium, Number: 040
Equip: Katana, Rarities: ♦♦♦ - ♦♦♦♦♦
Stats (grade I): HP 60-?, STR 35-?, DEF 0, SPD 5-?, INT 1-?, LCK 5-?
Stats (grade II): HP 98-231, STR 44-87, DEF 0, SPD 4-6, INT 1-2, LCK 7-18
Stats (grade III): HP 184-416, STR 70-133, DEF 0, SPD 5-9, INT 2-4, LCK 14-34
Affinities: Physical x1.0, White magic x0.7, Black magic x0.7, Summoning x1.0, Against Flying x1.0

Fusion Items: Red Drop, Heart of a Hero
Job Change: -
Pictlogica Prize: 40 Yellow Element
Obtain: Let Moogles Search

Category: Stats

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