Russel (ラッセル [russel] in Japanese) is a gladiator from the past of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, who was used for the sole purpose of fighting beasts and other people at the arenas. He can be summoned using the power of Vision.

In Brave Exvius


General Information
Origin: FFBE, Rarity: ★3-★4
Job: Gladiator, Type: Human, Gender: Male
Exp Table: x3
Trust Master: Bladeblitz
Obtain: Rare Summon

Awakening Materials
Rank 3: Beast Meat x20, Esper Cryst x10, Seed of Life x8, Earth's Core x3, Sacred Crystal x3

russel3_ffbe.png russel4_ffbe.png
Rarity Number Attack Count Max Burst Stones/Hit Ability Slots White Black Green Blue
★★★ 0175 3 2 1 - - - -
★★★★ 0176 3 3 2 - - - -

Note that in the table below, passive abilities learnt through level-up that raise stats have not been taken into account on the lines that mention 'level'. The effects of those abilities have been calculated in on the 'total' lines.

★3/Level 1 466 22 23 20 17 14
★3/Level 40 1,411 67 70 61 50 43
★3/Total 1,411 67 70 61 50 43
★4/Level 1 605 28 30 26 21 18
★4/Level 60 1,834 86 90 79 65 55
★4/Total 1,834 86 90 79 65 55


Limit Bursts
Rank 3: Spike Cutter
Rank 4: Fierce Attack

Ability Rank 3 Rank 4
Power Break Lv7
Armor Break Lv22
Man-Eater Lv36
Finisher Lv29
Draw Attacks Lv43
Provoke Lv60


Weapons: Daggers, Swords, Greatswords, Axes, Hammers, Spears, Maces
Off Hand: Shields, Heavy Shields
Head: Helms
Body: Clothes, Light Armor, Heavy Armor


★3: A warrior slave who fought for the entertainment of his rich master. Having the ways of a gladiator beaten into him from an early age, Russell died in the arena without ever experiencing much human emotion. Even as a vision, he only exists for the fight.

★4: A gladiator who fought others to the death to amuse his rich master. Bought and raised only to fight, Russel knew little of human emotions or the value of life. Now as a vision his only goal is to defeat the opponents who stand before him.

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