Roselia (ローゼリア [roselia] in Japanese) is a white mage from Mysidia of old in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. She can be summoned using the power of Vision.

In Brave Exvius


General Information
Origin: FFBE, Rarity: ★3-★5
Job: White Magus, Type: Human, Gender: Female
Exp Table: x4
Trust Master: Equip Staff
Obtain: Rare Summon

Awakening Materials
Rank 3: Pearl of Wisdom x25, Esper Cryst x15, Aqua Pearl x10, Heaven's Ash x5, Sacred Crystal x5
Rank 4: Aqua Pearl x20, Heaven's Ash x10, Sacred Crystal x10, Talmonite of Life x5, Holy Crystal x5

roseria3_ffbe.png roseria4_ffbe.png roseria5_ffbe.png
Rarity Number Attack Count Max Burst Stones/Hit Ability Slots White Black Green Blue
★★★ 0155 1 6 2 Lv6 - - -
★★★★ 0156 1 8 3 Lv7 - - -
★★★★★ 0157 1 10 4 Lv8 - - -

Note that in the table below, passive abilities learnt through level-up that raise stats have not been taken into account on the lines that mention 'level'. The effects of those abilities have been calculated in on the 'total' lines.

★3/Level 1 400 29 16 17 18 23
★3/Level 40 1,212 88 47 50 55 71
★3/Total 1,212 88 47 50 55 71
★4/Level 1 516 38 20 21 23 30
★4/Level 60 1,564 114 61 65 71 91
★4/Total 1,564 114 61 65 71 91
★5/Level 1 645 47 25 27 29 38
★5/Level 80 1,955 143 77 81 89 114
★5/Total 1,955 143 77 81 89 136


Limit Bursts
Rank 3: Secret Rebirth
Rank 4: Angelic Mercy
Rank 5: Divine Healing

Ability Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5
Pray Lv1
Blindna Lv1
Vox Lv1
Poisona Lv1
Banish Lv11
Paralyna Lv24
Stona Lv36
Cura Lv29
Regen Lv40
Curaga Lv60
Cleanse Lv45
SPR+20% Lv58
Curaja Lv80


Weapons: Staves, Instruments, Maces
Off Hand: Shields
Head: Hats
Body: Clothes, Robes


★3: A white magic practitioner with an otherworldly aura. Just like her father, Roselia was born and raised in the community of white mages that would eventually come to be Mysidia. Rather than any noble intentions, she is driven by a sense of practicality and the knowledge that healing is her forte.

★4: A white magic expert born into the community of researchers that would one day become Mysidia. Roselia immersed herself in magical research simply because she was good at it. However, her inability to cure her fellow researchers when the plague struck made her keenly aware of her own limitations.

★5: A white mage born from the land that would come to be known as Mysidia. Due to her father's influence, she never developed a healer's compassion and was interested only in research for research's sake. She realized this too late as she succumbed to a plague that ravaged her homeland, her bitter regret bringing her back as a vision.

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