Rid Dek (Stats)
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Rid Dek (リドル=デクト [ridor dekt] in Japanese) is a male Lilty Warrior. He's a little grumpy and refuses to associate with rookies. He can be found talking near the Adventurers' Guild in Town. You can first see him in Normal mode after helping out Larkeicus, although he won't join you until you talk to him with at least 100 hours of playtime on your clock. He'll join at level 1. Naturally, he doesn't have any abilities learned yet.



Stats Lv 1 Lv 99 Element Attack Defense
HP 28 588 Fire 5 4
MP 20 344 Ice 8 6
ATK 33 244 Thunder 8 6
DEF 57 645 Stun 85 35
MATK 4 102 Spacetime 10 6
MDEF 8 302 Dark 3 4


Steel Corslet
Power Ring

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