Montana (モンタナ [montana] in Japanese) is an adventurer from the history of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, who gathered and studied ancients treasures. He can be summoned using the power of Vision.

In Brave Exvius


General Information
Origin: FFBE, Rarity: ★2-★3
Job: Adventurer, Type: Human, Gender: Male
Exp Table: x2
Trust Master: Camouflage
Obtain: Normal Summon

Awakening Materials
Rank 2: Esper Shard x20, Beast Meat x8, Esper Cryst x5, Seed of Life x3

montana2_ffbe.png montana3_ffbe.png
Rarity Number Attack Count Max Burst Stones/Hit Ability Slots White Black Green Blue
★★ 0173 2 2 2 - - Lv1 -
★★★ 0174 2 4 3 - - Lv2 -

Note that in the table below, passive abilities learnt through level-up that raise stats have not been taken into account on the lines that mention 'level'. The effects of those abilities have been calculated in on the 'total' lines.

★2/Level 1 300 15 14 13 11 11
★2/Level 30 909 45 43 40 34 35
★2/Total 909 45 43 40 34 35
★3/Level 1 390 19 18 17 14 15
★3/Level 40 1,181 58 55 51 43 45
★3/Total 1,181 58 55 51 43 45


Limit Bursts
Rank 2: Air Raid
Rank 3: Dangerous Whip

Ability Rank 2 Rank 3
Analyze Lv2
Hide Lv21
Gil Farmer Lv16
HP Stroll Lv24
Auto-Med Lv32


Weapons: Daggers, Swords, Bows, Hammers, Whips, Throwing
Off Hand: Shields
Head: Hats
Body: Clothes, Light Armor


★2: A globetrotter who sought treasures and relics never seen before. Though he was a respected archaeologist and known for his research on ancient civilizations and rare cultures, Montana was secretly concerned that his macho appearance made him look like anything but a scholar.

★3: An adventurer who traveled the world seeking hidden relics and forbidden treasures. Montana held a certain stature in the archaeologist community and kept his loot meticulously catalogued. However, upon his death his lifetime collection of cultural assets also vanished, and he became the subject of legends.

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