Mizell (ミゼル [mizell] in Japanese) is a green mage from an age of civil war in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, who was raised from a young age to be a tool of war. He can be summoned with the power of Vision.

In Brave Exvius


General Information
Origin: FFBE, Rarity: ★2-★3
Job: Green Mage, Type: Human, Gender: Male
Exp Table: x2
Trust Master: Deprotect
Obtain: Normal Summon

Awakening Materials
Rank 2: Esper Shard x15, Pearl of Wisdom x5, Esper Cryst x3, Aqua Pearl x1

mizel2_ffbe.png mizel3_ffbe.png
Rarity Number Attack Count Max Burst Stones/Hit Ability Slots White Black Green Blue
★★ 0055 1 4 2 - - Lv3 -
★★★ 0056 1 8 2 Lv1 - Lv4 -

Note that in the table below, passive abilities learnt through level-up that raise stats have not been taken into account on the lines that mention 'level'. The effects of those abilities have been calculated in on the 'total' lines.

★2/Level 1 247 17 11 11 13 13
★2/Level 30 748 51 33 33 39 39
★2/Total 748 51 33 33 39 39
★3/Level 1 333 23 15 15 17 17
★3/Level 40 1,008 69 45 45 53 53
★3/Total 1,008 69 45 45 53 53


Limit Bursts
Rank 2: Anti-Protect
Rank 3: Anti-Protectga

Ability Rank 2 Rank 3
Sleep Lv1
Barfire Lv1
Barblizzard Lv1
Barthunder Lv1
Silence Lv5
Protect Lv15
Shell Lv21
Blind Lv7
Barfira Lv33
Barblizzara Lv33
Barthundara Lv33


Weapons: Daggers, Staves, Maces
Off Hand: -
Head: Hats
Body: Clothes, Robes


★2: A specialist in green magic, a school of magic developed for the purpose of aiding allies on the battlefield. A cold-hearted type indoctrinated with his studies from an early age, Mizell made up for his lack of human empathy with an inherent aptitude for supportive magic. He saved the lives of many soldiers during the war, but was never moved by their words of gratitude.

★3: A green mage who specialized in supportive magic. As an orphan, Mizell was adopted and educated in magic as part of his nation's war strategy. His emotional detachment kept him calm and collected, but prevented him from grasping the real value of human life, even after saving countless soldiers on the battlefield. Curiously enough, he ultimately died by sacrificing himself, though it is rumored that he did not shed a single tear.

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