Koo El (Stats)

Koo El (ク・エル [ku el] in Japanese) is a female Selkie Assassin, one of the mercenaries in Echoes of Time. She can be found on Hard and Very Hard modes on the world map, behind Ruins. To have her join, you must talk to her in multi-player mode with at least 5 people on your Friend Roster. She'll join at level 59.



Stats Lv 59 Lv 99 Element Attack Defense
HP 547 827 Fire 12 15
MP 552 902 Ice 5 4
ATK 154 194 Thunder 12 15
DEF 331 491 Stun 577 320
MATK 121 201 Spacetime 179 178
MDEF 178 298 Dark 242 240


Paddle Charge
Paddle Chain 2
Bow Charge
Paddle Chain 3
Three-way Shot
Magic Stack 3
Charge Guard
Straight Arrow
Guard Counter
Bow Smash
Ring Lock 2
Five-way Shot


Wasp Sting
Assassin's Vest
Mind Ring

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