Elen Dok (Stats)

Elen Dok (エレン=ダーク [elen dark] in Japanese) is a female Lilty Mime. She's always on the lookout for challenges. You can first find her in Normal Mode after completing Larkeicus's requests, she'll be in front of the Library in Town. To make her join, talk to her in Very Hard mode. She'll join at level 99.



Stats Lv 99 Element Attack Defense
HP 325 Fire 255 255
MP 255 Ice 255 255
ATK 325 Thunder 255 255
DEF 263 Stun 285 275
MATK 258 Spacetime 255 295
MDEF 257 Dark 255 295


All Lilty abilities


Dragon Tusk
Pavlov Mask
Pavlov Clothes
Seer Stone

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