Deuce (Stats)

デュース [deuce] in Japanese.

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In the list below, the abilities with no ability cost or level mentioned are there by default. Anything with a requirement for either learning or becoming available for learning has the requirement mentioned.
By the nature of the spells in the game Deuce can use any spell Class 0 has available. The ones mentioned are the ones she has equipped by default.

Command Abilities Ability Tree
Adjacent Attack
Sound Cluster Deployment Attack
- Intensify Sound Cluster Deployment (6 AP, lv 30, Sound Cluster Deployment)
Intensify Performance (10 AP, lv 15)
- Intensify Performance+ (18 AP, Intensify Performance)
- Concerto Guard (14 AP, Concerto)
- Concerto AG Consumption Down (18 AP, Concerto)
Concerto Fortesimo (6 AP, lv 60)
- Cff AG Consumption Down (4 AP, Concerto Fortesimo)
Black Requiem (4 AP, lv 39)
- Requiem Guard (4 AP, Black Requiem)
- Requiem Power Increase (6 AP, Black Requiem)
- Requiem AG Consumption Down (6 AP, Black Requiem)
Dissonant Sonata (3 AP, lv 27)
- Sonata Guard (4 AP, Dissonant Sonata)
- Sonata Power Increase (2 AP, Dissonant Sonata)
- Sonata AG Consumption Down (4 AP, Dissonant Sonata)
White Serenade (6 AP, lv 23)
- Serenade Guard (4 AP, White Serenade)
- Serenade Recovery Increase (6 AP, White Serenade)
- Serenade AG Consumption Down (6 AP, White Serenade)
Crescendo (3 AP, lv 28)
- Intensify Crescendo (4 Ap, Crescendo)

Auto Abilities Ability Tree
Speed Up (44 AP, lv 25)
Three-fold Dodge (3 AP, lv 13)
- Infinite Dodge (4 AP, Three-fold Dodge)
Twin Magic (8 AP, lv 15)
Dodge Guard (8 AP, lv 20)
Adjacent Attack Lv 2 (8 AP, lv 27)
- Cancel Magic (8 AP, Adjacent Attack Lv 2)
- Ra-Group Cancel Magic (15 AP, Cancel Magic)
Ga-Group Cancel Magic (30 AP, lv 60)

Fire RF (equipped)
Cura (equipped)


Deuce uses exclusively Flute-type weapons in battle.

Starting Equipment
Weapon: Flute
Accessories: Bronze Bangle, Fire Magic Manual

Category: Stats

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