Carrie (キャリー [carrie] in Japanese) is a researcher from times before Dirmagia was founded in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, who wanted to build mechanical soldiers to protect people. She can be summoned using the power of Vision.

In Brave Exvius


General Information
Origin: FFBE, Rarity: ★2-★3
Job: Machinist, Type: Human, Gender: Female
Exp Table: x2
Trust Master: Sunbeam
Obtain: Normal Summon

Awakening Materials
Rank 2: Allure Powder x8, Esper Cryst x5, Esper Cryst x5, Quality Parts x3

carrie2_ffbe.png carrie3_ffbe.png
Rarity Number Attack Count Max Burst Stones/Hit Ability Slots White Black Green Blue
★★ 0169 3 2 2 Lv1 Lv1 Lv1 -
★★★ 0170 3 3 3 Lv2 Lv2 Lv2 -

Note that in the table below, passive abilities learnt through level-up that raise stats have not been taken into account on the lines that mention 'level'. The effects of those abilities have been calculated in on the 'total' lines.

★2/Level 1 268 15 14 10 11 11
★2/Level 30 812 47 43 32 34 34
★2/Total 812 47 43 32 34 34
★3/Level 1 348 20 18 14 14 15
★3/Level 40 1,055 61 55 41 43 44
★3/Total 1,055 61 55 41 43 44


Limit Bursts
Rank 2: Rapid Fire
Rank 3: Desperado

Ability Rank 2 Rank 3
Power Shot Lv7
Auto Bowgun Lv21
Cheap Shot Lv15
Magic Shot Lv28
Healing Force Lv34


Weapons: Daggers, Swords, Bows, Guns
Off Hand: -
Head: Hats
Body: Clothes, Light Armor


★2: A researcher of mechanical weapons from the town that would become Dilmagia. Though her research was intended to protect the young lady from beastly monsters, others used Carrie's inventions to commit mass destruction. Heartbroken, Carrie destroyed her precious research to prevent further bloodshed.

★3: Hailing from the town that eventually became the industrial city Dilmagia, Carry was once an inventor of weapons. Falling into depression after her creations were used in warfare, she burned her blueprints and dedicated the rest of her life to peaceful science. Her philosophy is one reason why Dilmagia is now a neutral region.

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